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To: Alderman Cardenas - 12th Ward

Alderman Cardenas Stop Privatizing Public Spaces

Alderman Cardenas Stop Privatizing Public Spaces

Why is this important?

Alderman Cardenas and Chris Frominos, the cafe owner of Sip22, are furthering the gentrification of Little Village by colluding to replace a popular community square in front of the café with a patio area exclusively for customers. Cardenas has already removed the benches from the community square.

The public plazita that Cardenas is willing to give away to Frominos is located in Little Village, on the corner of Marshall Blvd and Cermak Rd. This space and the benches are used by people from the community to chill, catch up with friends, take a breather as they take their groceries home, and rest while they walk their pets around the Boulevard. Also, this plazita is used every morning by a beloved Señora who brings us some of the most delicious tamales en el barrio.

According to sources inside the Alderman's office, Cardenas called the Chicago Department of Transportation to ask that the benches be removed, allegedly so that they could be repainted. But when community members in the 12th Ward asked for more information, they were told there is no date or deadline for when the benches will be put back. They also said that if the café patio permit is accepted, the benches would be relocated outside of the former community square.

The owners of Sip22 are gentrifiers. Sip22 is in Little Village, but they market their building as an extension of Pilsen to attract white and higher income individuals. Rent in Little Village and North Lawndale has been skyrocketing as a result of white and higher income people moving in, displacing poor and working class Latinx and Black residents.

The signature of Cardenas is necessary for the patio permit to move forward. Sign the petition and call Alderman Cardenas at 773-523-8250 to ask about the space, demand he not sign the patio permit and demand that the benches be put back INSIDE of our community square immediately.
Chicago, IL, USA

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