To: Chicago Board of Education

Chicago Parents Want this CPS Principal Removed After He Threatened Them with the Police

Remove Principal Efrain Martinez from Orozco Academy

Why is this important?

I am a parent of three children at Orozco Academy and proud to be have been a mentor and volunteer at the school.

On February 7th, at 3 pm I went to the school to address a matter of bullying against my 5 year-old daughter with her teacher. When I arrived, the teacher told me to speak to the principal. Instead of helping, Principal Martinez began yelling at me and accusing me of spreading gossip. I asked for an appointment to meet with the teacher, and the principal demanded that one not be given to me.
He threatened to call the police to try to intimidate me and since I had done nothing wrong, I told him to call them.

Minutes later, 7 police officers surrounded me in the office in front of my children who are 5, 6, and 11 years old. They told me to get my hands out of my pocket because they thought I had a gun. I told them that I did not have a gun. My son, who is 11, had overheard the Principal tell the police that I had a gun. The police asked me to leave and I thought that the situation had been resolved.

The next day I received a letter saying that I was banned from entering the school building. I could only enter with permission from the principal. A couple days later I received a court order to appear in court because the principal, Mr. Martinez, had filed a restraint order against me.

I am not a criminal. I have volunteered at the school since my children transferred there 3 years ago. I was a parent mentor for one year giving my time and talents to the school.

This situation is not only happening to me. Many parents have come forward to say that the principal has tried to silence them by calling police or threatening them or their children.

We don't believe that Principal Martinez is acting professionally or ethically. Many times the Chicago Board of Education has tried to assure immigrant families that our schools are sanctuary and safe spaces. How can our school be a safe space if we are constantly threatened by the principal and if he calls the police on parents?

We're calling on the Chicago Board of Education to remove Mr. Martinez from his post immediately.

This is an emergency. Please help.

Watch the video of our press conference outside Orozco here:

Chicago, IL, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • I am going through the same thing with my children's school. The principal of James Welden Johnson had me arrested in front of my kids because I took up for my daughter after she humiliated my child in front of teachers, parents, and students. I am starting my action against her and the school board for her removal and apologize to my daughter.
  • My son attends this school and on Friday 27 2017 on a parents meeting with him about my son I realized all this parents are right about this principal he call my son racist and was making fun out of him while my son try to explain him self,he kept cutting him off not allowing him to speak. I defended my son and he said to me " he was disappointed in me.
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