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To: Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos

Declare Vanderbilt University a Sanctuary Campus

Declare Vanderbilt University a Sanctuary Campus

My name is Carlos Luis, and I graduated from the Vanderbilt Divinity School in 2015 after 2 years of study.

I came to Vanderbilt because I was given an opportunity to continue with my studies here, which can be difficult to find as an undocumented student.

I was raised in a religious family and I always felt close to the church, and when the opportunity arose I knew I wanted to study theology.

During my studies here I have met many people of good conscience, who taught me how to understand and respect all people in their diversity, to work to understand their histories, and to oppose discrimination based on race or religion. That is how I began my community organizing work, supporting and walking with others who suffer oppression.

Now, as Trump's transition team discusses implementing a registration system for Muslim Americans, and just days after Trump has announced he will attempt to deport 3 million people beginning as soon as January 21st, join me in insisting that Vanderbilt University immediately make campus a safe place for students like me and:

1. Cut ties with all law enforcement agencies that collaborate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP)

2. Refuse law enforcement agencies who collaborate with ICE access to any Vanderbilt properties or information

3. Institute a policy prohibiting campus police from inquiring about immigration status, enforcing immigration laws, or participating with ICE/CBP in actions.

4. Refuse to cooperate with any 'registration' system that seeks to target or surveil Muslims

5. Publicly declare Vanderbilt a Sanctuary Campus

Why is this important?

We support our friends, co-workers, and neighbors who have been attacked and scapegoated by Trump. We will defend the Muslim, Black, Latinx, LGBTQ, undocumented, women, Jewish, and immigrant members of our community, and we will not let Trump or his white Supremacist appointees separate us.

Vanderbilt University, West End Avenue, Nashville, TN, United States

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