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To: North Dakota State Attorney Allen Koppy


Brennon Nastacio has been peacefully protecting water, and people in Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, North Dakota since August 2016 from the Dakota Access Pipeline. He is a 36-year-old Pueblo Native American with two children who depend on him.

On January 5th Brennan decided to turn himself over to authorities after learning he has a warrant for a Class C Felony for “Terrorizing.” He wants his day in court to ask Morton county what they would have preferred for him to do that day? Would they rather have had Brennon not peacefully disarm Kyle Thompson and allow Kyle to use his weapon on the water protectors?

That day Brennon was in open possession of a knife, which is legal for all knives in North Dakota to be openly carried. Brennon was able to peacefully de-escalate the armed man and turn him over to authorities.

Brennon made no movement to harm the armed man, in fact he assured Kyle he would keep him safe if he handed over his loaded weapon. Kyle did not face any charges for his role in the incident. Brennon has not committed any crime. He is now going to follow due process and plead his case in court.

Why is this important?

The Army Corps of Engineers recently denied a permit for the construction of a key section of the Pipeline, a major victory for those like Brennon who have been demonstrating for months. There is no reason for him to be charged with those.


North Dakota State Attorney Allen Koppy @ 701-667-3350

Sample Call: "Hi, I am calling to ask that charges against Brennon Nastacio be removed immediately. He did not commit any crime . Please drop all charges against Brennon!”

Allen Koppy: [email protected]

To North Dakota State Attorney, Allen Koppy:

I am writing to call on you to drop all charges against Brennon Nastacio, a Native American who has not committed any crime, but has charges of “terrorizing.”

At the time of the incident, Brennon was openly carrying a knife, which is legal in North Dakota. Not only did he not commit a crime, but he was in complete fulfillment of the law. In spite of facing an armed gunman, he did not charge toward him or threaten him in any way.

He has now turned himself in and is now going to follow due process and plead his case in court. There are no grounds for the charges, all charges should be dropped .

Please drop charges against Brennon immediately!

North Dakota

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