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To: Disney Studios and Disney's Pixar Studios

Let us Watch Mama Coco without Forcing a Preview of Frozen

This campaign has ended.

Stop forcing audiences to watch a 30-minute teaser for Frozen 2, which literally has no people of color in it, before letting us watch Coco. Like, literally. We counted.

Why is this important?

It's exciting to have movies that explore an important part of Mexican and Latinx culture in such a creative way. It's disappointing, angering, insulting to have to watch a 30-minute teaser of a Christmas story based on "Frozen" before. To add insult to injury, the "Frozen" short shows a town of White people figuring out whether to steal other people's traditions. We thought we were at the wrong movie, but turns out we should just have shown up about 30 minutes late.

#30minuteslateforCoco #CulturalImperialism #ReleaseMamaCocofromFrozen


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