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To: Immigration Officer Martinez

Help Us Remove Sonia's Ankle Monitor!

Sonia is a mother of two children currently residing in Chicago. She has had to wear an ankle monitor for nine months while her immigration case is pending. She's gone to every burdensome check-in assigned to her and has suffered skin burns because of the monitor. Sonia and her family deserve to live without constant ICE monitoring so we are asking that her immigration officer remove her ankle monitor.

Why is this important?

Ankle monitors are restrictive and invasive forms of surveillance. They are yet another tool that ICE employs to monitor and intimidate people who are in deportation proceedings. The use of these monitoring systems are an extension of the for-profit web of corporations that profit off the detention and monitoring of immigrants. Not only is there a complete lack of transparency and accountability for the ways that ICE enforces the use of these monitors but they also pose a health hazard to those who wear them.

We want to let local immigration officials know that despite the hatred and xenophobia that Trump signed into law with his most recent executive orders, we will continue to defend members of our community that are under threats of deportation. Sign to let Officer Martinez know that we support Sonia and her family!




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