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To: Local City Council

I will work to defund the police in my city

This is the right time to join or start efforts to defund the police in each of our cities and demand that those resources instead serve and protect our communities. In the middle of the COVID pandemic our families are literally dying while police budgets increase and then are used to surveil, criminalize, and kill members of our communities.

How much money does your city spend on its police budget? How could it be spent in ways that actually help our communities heal and survive?

Why is this important?

As a national multi-racial Latinx organization Mijente stands with all of the Black organizers and people resisting across the country and calling out the injustice of the state-sanctioned murder of Black people in the hands of the police.

Latinx communities must show up now, correct and powerfully. We must go beyond hollowed statements of solidarity and towards a genuine compañerismo. We must take concrete action that goes beyond addressing intra-community anti-Blackness and actively battle the systems and narratives that enable anti-Black violence.



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