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To: Chicago Mayoral Candidate Lori Lightfoot

Lightfoot Should Reject Anti-Immigrant Endorsement

Reject the endorsement from anti-immigrant, pro-Trump Aldermen Anthony Napolitano and Nick Sposato.

Why is this important?

Chicago Mayoral Candidate Lori Lightfoot has said she is a progressive, pro-immigrant candidate, and has committed to moving forward some pro-immigrant reforms. However, the presence of two Aldermen from Chicago’s most conservative Aldermen at a recent Lori Lightfoot endorsement caused the immigrant community concern.

Alderman Sposato recently condemned Chicago’s status as a sanctuary city, stating that elected officials should ignore the immigrant community and work closely with ICE to deport Chicago residents.

Watch the video here:

Alderman Napolitano is the only Republican in City Council and held a press conference the day after the city created IDs that were inclusive of Chicago’s immigrant residents.

To show that she stands with the immigrant community Candidate Lori Lightfoot should denounce these anti-immigrant stances and reject any possible endorsements.
Chicago, IL, USA

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