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To: The Purple Pig

The Purple Pig: Sexual Harassment Stinks! El Acoso Sexual Apesta!

The Purple Pig: Sexual Harassment Stinks! El Acoso Sexual Apesta!

We’re publicly calling for accountability from the Purple Pig after workers endured sexual harassment and other labor abuses during their employment at this restaurant.

Join us in telling The Purple Pig that sexual harassment STINKS!

We urge The Purple Pig to:
1. Strengthen and enforce its sexual harassment policy;
2. Provide meaningful training that addresses the root causes of sexual harassment and legal protections;
3. Provide a public statement holding themselves accountable to take action against ongoing sexual harassment at The Purple Pig;
4. Quickly and justly resolve worker, Rodrigo Soto's, sexual harassment claim; and
5. Address other workplace abuses, including lack of lunch & bathroom breaks and intimidation.


Hacemos una llamada pública urgiendo que Purple Pig rinda cuentas después que trabajadores sufrieron acoso sexual y otros abusos laborales durante su empleo en este restaurante.

¡Únete a nosotros para decirle a Purple Pig que el acoso sexual APESTA!

Purple Pig debería:
1. Fortalecer y hacer cumplir su póliza de acoso sexual;
2. Proporcionar capacitación profunda que cubra las causas fundamentales del acoso sexual y las protecciones legales;
3. Proporcionar una declaración pública donde se haga responsable de tomar medidas en contra del acoso sexual en The Purple Pig;
4. Resolver de manera rápida y justa la queja de acoso sexual de Rodrigo Soto; y
5. Resolver otros abusos en el lugar de trabajo, incluida la falta de breaks para almorzar y de ir al baño e intimidación.

Why is this important?

A CTU member who worked at this award-winning restaurant on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile filed a sexual harassment complaint with the EEOC. During his time working at The Purple Pig, this former worker’s complaints to management were met with dismissal and even laughter.

Workplace sexual harassment points to a power imbalance between employers and employees, especially when power is exercised over workers through income inequality.

All workers have rights, and we urge you to join us in defending workers’ right to dignity, respect, and a safe workplace.


Un miembro de CTU que trabajó en este restaurante popular en la Milla Magnífica de Chicago presentó una denuncia de acoso sexual ante la EEOC. Durante su tiempo trabajando en Purple Pig, las quejas de este ex-trabajador con los encargados fueron respuestas con ignorancia e incluso risas.

El acoso sexual en el lugar de trabajo apunta a una desigualdad de poder entre empleadores y trabajadores, especialmente cuando se ejerce el poder sobre los trabajadores a través de la desigualdad de ingresos.

Todos los trabajadores tienen derechos, y lo invitamos a unirse a nosotros para defender el derecho de los trabajadores a dignidad, respeto y un lugar de trabajo seguro.


#WhatAPig #MeToo #YoTambien

The Purple Pig, North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

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Yesterday evening, 10 executive directors and organizers representing 9 different organizations participated in a direct action inside the famous Purple Pig Restaurant on the Michigan Mile in support of workers fighting against a toxic culture of abuse and sexual harassment at the restaurant. The group entered the restaurant and sat down to eat around 5pm. Once seated inside, they immediately disrupted the busy dinner service by asking to speak to the owner and manager of the restaurant.

Watch here live:

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Stop sexual harassment at The Purple Pig! Check this out from yesterday:

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Join us in spreading the word that SEXUAL HARASSMENT STINKS! Check out & share these hand-outs in English and Spanish:

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