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To: Governor Doug Ducey

SIGN NOW! Governor Doug Ducey denounce White Supremacy or Resign!

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Sign this petition to demand Ducey denounce White Supremacy!

Why is this important?

As outward white supremacy is on the rise, we can not allow for elected representatives to not be held accountable for racist acts. The community cringed when Ducey praised Trump’s clemency for former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who terrorized migrant communities and racially profiled black and brown people for over two decades. The governor, who earlier in his political career sought Arpaio’s endorsement, didn’t hesitate to stand by Trump who has ferociously attacked us since he came into office. This weekend Governor Doug Ducey continues to side with bigotry and hate by posing for a picture with known racist. For the past week tens of thousands of teachers have been on strike and Ducey has shunned them like he has the migrant and people of color communities in Arizona for the last four years. Gov. Doug Ducey, we demand that you Denounce White Supremacy or RESIGN!


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