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To: Governor Roy Cooper

Stand Against NC's "Show Me Your Papers" Law (HB 370)

Veto HB 370 if it passes the NC General Assembly and stand against the NC GOP's attempt to forcibly enlist NC sheriffs into Trump's deportation force.

Why is this important?

After watching new sheriffs across the state reject local collaboration with ICE, Speaker Tim Moore and NC’s Republican Party want to turn sheriff deputies across the state into immigration agents. A veto by Governor Cooper may be our best and only way of preventing this anti-immigrant bill from passing.

HB 370, also known as the “Show Me Your Papers” Law [1], would:
- Require sheriff deputies to ask people about their immigration status regardless of criminal charge
- Require sheriff deputies to report and detain individuals for ICE. Deputies would have to report the presence of undocumented people to ICE, hand them over to ICE, and comply with any ICE request accompanied by a detainer or ICE hold, which under federal law are voluntary administrative requests and are not the same as criminal judicial warrants.

In the last 2 years, two people from North Carolina have died in ICE custody after being turned over by local law enforcement; this bill is literally a matter of life and death for our communities. [2] It would also dramatically increase racial profiling, detentions, deportations, and the separation of families and communities in North Carolina.

Rep. Destin Hall who drafted the bill admitted he “took direction from ICE” in sponsoring it - literally working for ICE agents, not the people of the state. [3] The NC GOP wants to use this law to enlist the sheriffs of every county into Trump’s deportation force, and are retaliating against voters across the state who elected a wave of progressive sheriffs in November. They have a legislative majority, and want to use this bill to score political points. We won’t stand for this. On April 3rd the bill was approved by the House. We’re calling on Governor Roy Cooper to stand against it if it passes the Senate, using his veto to stop the bill, and we’re calling on every NC House Democrat to stand with him to sustain his veto.

Sign this petition to take a stand against HB 370, to show House Republicans they don’t speak for us, and to demonstrate to Governor Cooper that he should veto this bill.

#StopHB370 Coalition includes:
Comunidad Colectiva
CIMA (Compañeros Inmigrantes de las Montañas)
El Pueblo
Siembra NC
Carolina Justice Policy Center
Blueprint NC

[1] Updated info & resources on HB 370:
[2] Macon Adkinson, “A Raleigh Man Died of an Apparent Suicide While in Solitary Confinement at a For-Profit Immigration Prison in Georgia” Indyweek, Jul. 13, 2018, available at:; Jeremy Redmon, “ICE detainee who hanged himself had history of mental health problems,” AJC, July 11, 2017, available at:
[3] Statement at 4:33:
North Carolina, USA

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