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To: NY Governor Cuomo, SUNY Chairman H. Carl McCall

SUNY Chancellor Johnson Must Divest from Coal Company Poisoning Puerto Rico

Thanks to all who signed our original petition demanding that SUNY (State University of NY) Chancellor Kristina Johnson resign from the Board of Directors of AES Corp, a multinational power company based in Virginia that has dumped millions of tons of toxic coal ash in landfills and other sites around Puerto Rico.

Not long after her ties to AES were exposed, she 'quietly' resigned. Now Chancellor Johnson needs to divest the $2.5 million in AES stocks that she owns and work with the people of Puerto Rico to shut this plant down!

This coal ash is contaminating the land, air and water in Puerto Rico and this corporation is responsible for many deaths and maladies in neighboring Dominican Republic. If she truly cares about Puerto Rico and the thousands of students of Puerto Rican descent in the SUNY system, she should also call on AES to shut down its coal burning operation in Puerto Rico and stop the spread of this poisonous coal ash.

Why is this important?

How it will be delivered

In person to SUNY Board Chairman H. Carl McCall.

Puerto Rico

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