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To: Chicago Immigration Court

Support Lulu's Fight to Remain Home!

Keep Lulú Martinez home; stop her deportation and allow her to stay in the country with her family .

Why is this important?

Lulú Martinez has been fighting alongside her community for nearly a decade, and has been a part of significant actions demanding dignity for the immigrant community. In 2013, Lulú took part of the DREAM 9 action where she and a group of other young people left the country and re-entered seeking asylum. The DREAM 9 action directed attention to harmful immigration and border policies as well as helped uncovered dangerous conditions in detention centers. Five years later, Lulú is still going to court for her asylum case. Lulú has risked a lot in the actions she has taken, and now it is time for her community to show up and demand justice for Lulú.
Chicago, IL, USA

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Tomorrow Lulú has her final immigration hearing in Chicago. Come out to a press conference and rally in support of Lulú. More details: