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To: Spotify

Tell pinche Spotify that Justin Beiber is most definitely NOT Latino!

Spotify recently launched an online ad campaign showing a picture of the Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber, also famous for peeing in buckets in kitchen restaurants, with a headline referring to him as a "Latin King."

Make no mistake about it- Justin Bieber is most definitely not a Latino. In fact, Beiber's recent antics mocking the lyrics to Despacito by singing gibberish instead of the actual Spanish words show a flagrant disregard for Latinxs and our culture.

That's why Spotify needs to learn some cultural competence before launching these types of ignorant ads campaigns. We want Spotify to pull this ad.

Why is this important?

We can not tolerate the commodification of our culture. Recording a song in Spanish does not make you a Latino and referring to Justin Bieber as a Latin King is just plain ignorant. Even worse, Gabe Bergado recently wrote an article for Teen Vogue calling Spotify out for making a Pulse playlist with almost no Latinx artists. To Spotify's credit, they eventually responded to the backlash by adding Latinx artists to the list.

We hope they take this petition into consideration, pull the Justin Beiber add, and think twice before their next ad.


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