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To: Santa Ana City Council

Tell Santa Ana Council: Don’t Destroy Police Misconduct Records!

Uphold accountability and transparency, do not destroy police misconduct and brutality records.

Why is this important?

Santa Ana Police Chief, David Valentin requested the Santa Ana City Council to give the Police Department permission to destroy eight boxes of police records related to officers’ use of force, in-custody injuries, and employee misconduct.

This request to the Council comes in response to a new state law that gives the public access to police records after years of secrecy. Chief Valentin made this request at the January 15th city council meeting before it was pulled from the meeting’s agenda. Based on other departments’ attempts to destroy their records across the state, we can expect the issue to return before the city council.

Santa Ana residents have a right to know the full scope of police misconduct within their communities. Destroying these records decreases transparency, undermines accountability of local government, and harms public safety. We have the fundamental right to know how police use -- and abuse -- their powers.

Join us in demanding that the City Council uphold accountability and transparency, by voting to preserve police misconduct and brutality records!
Santa Ana, CA, USA

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