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To: Phoenix Union High School District

Universal Pass for Grades (2nd semester)

Students who are affected by online transition due to Covid-19 will be given a Universal Pass on Grades, any C’s, D’s, F’s will be given a P grade and credit for semester. This will help students continue courses for school stay on track and not be filling up for summer schools and will not have an effect on GPA.

Why is this important?


Hello PUHSD Students!! as the schools are closing and we begin to transition, I am starting to notice that many of my fellow classmates do not have internet not access to a phone or laptop. My fight as an activist is to implicate/ advocate fairness within our schools and government.

Today I am bringing in an idea of a Universal Pass system that yale students have brought to their campus. Essentially this pass would be a “P” grade on our transcript with no effect on our Gpa and we will still get our credit. This is due to Covid-19 and the struggles that have been out of our hands. This will not only help students keep their positions in class, such as valedictorian, and salutatorian for the class of 2020. For the underclass men if you didn’t know their will be no titles for us, so this won’t really affect us.

It has already sadden us to not be able to go to school and be apart of the activities and social environment, and it has sadden us much more now that prom is cancelled for multiple schools in the District and most likely graduation (not confirmed).

As a junior at central high school, I take into account that many students do not have access to internet, i also understand that many students would prefer this system in place so that we do not have to give up our summer, some students rely on summer for programs, work, college tours, etc. and I to have been accepted to a couple programs for the summer so I see the importance of having this system for our own sake. For the students that are relying on this semester to boost your GPA, maybe we can work together to build a slightly more difficult system that would essentially make grades “f” and “d” a “P”.

This has been a very difficult time for students this past week and we understand that this may be difficult, but if #thisiswhoweare then take your students into your thoughts!!! Don’t force us to Fill up schools in the summer!!!


2020-03-19 02:34:18 -0400

So our big plan to reach the petition to 5,000 students, let’s get this sharing around campus and let’s keep it going

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100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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