Welcome to Mijente!

Our communities are under attack, under surveillance, and as Latinx people we have a a long history of experiences and knowledge to draw from. We can build the world we want to live in by starting our own campaigns that impact our communities. We’re making digital tools in English and Spanish accessible to Latinx changemakers so they can be part of any campaign you want to start.

What do you want to change?

Change begins by identifying the issue or injustice you want to change. Here are a few examples: A local company is promoting anti-Latinx ads and you want to stop them; someone in the community is being detained and and threatened with deportation; your state is enforcing a bathroom bill which would discriminate against gender non-conforming people. These are just a few examples of the many issues you can take action on.

Build support from your community

Petitions are central tools to build onto any campaign but not stand-alone solutions. Change takes community and as Latinx people, we have deep connections and more power than we know. We need to tap into every single resource and connection we have to get support for our campaigns. Take a minute to ask yourself a few questions like: Who would share my petition? Who else is impacted by this issue?

After you launch your petition, share it with all your people over social media, email, and don’t forget to take it to the streets by telling your friends, your vecinos, your titi, your comadre, fulanito from the bodega.

Together, we can make real change.