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To: Field ICE Director Ricardo Wong and McHenry County Jail/Detention Center

21 Hunger Strikers Demand Better Conditions at McHenry County Detention Center

Meet the demands of the 21 hunger strikers are McHenry Detention Center.
The demands are:

- To provide edible, nutritious food and to replace the current diet of soy meat that has caused health problems for several individuals in detention.
- Put a stop to retaliatory practices at the hands of guards against participants of the hunger strike and other people detained at McHenry County Jail and Detention Center
- Immediate release of Wilmer Catalan-Ramirez from immigration detention

Why is this important?

21 people currently being detained at McHenry Detention Center in Illinois launched a hunger strike six days ago in response to insufficient food options and mistreatment on behalf of guards towards detainees, according to information provided by detainees and their families to OCAD.

In response to the hunger strike, authorities in the detention center have retaliated against strikers by denying the 21 hunger strikers recreational time, confiscating items purchased through commissary, and denying access to showers.

“The fact that they are detained should not mean that it is right for them to be mistreated. This is inhumane,” said a family member of a person inside the detention center.

The 21 hunger strikers at McHenry are risking their lives and are at risk of retaliation at the hands of McHenry guards.

We need your help to amplify their demands and put public pressure on ICE and the McHenry Detention Center officials. Let them know the community is watching.

Illinois, United States

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