We need to empty the NWDC! We cannot and will not wait for the contract to end in 2025. No one should be locked up in a detention center. The NWDC is not a safe place for anyone, it is impossible to social distance, guards often do not wear masks or gloves and there is no contact tracing for ICE employees coming in and out of the facility. As long as he is detained Chad’s health and safety are at risk. Tell ICE to release Chad immediately and fight his deportation! ------------------------------------------------------------------ ¡Necesitamos vaciar el NWDC! No podemos ni esperaremos a que el contrato finalice en 2025. Nadie debe ser encerrado en un centro de detención. El NWDC no es un lugar seguro para nadie, es imposible la distancia social, los guardias a menudo no usan máscaras o guantes y no hay rastreo de contactos para los empleados de ICE que entran y salen de las instalaciones. Mientras esté detenido, la salud y la seguridad de Chad están en peligro. ¡Dígale a ICE que libere a Chad inmediatamente y que luche contra su deportación!
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  • Stop Ivan's deportation to Mexico!
    Ivan should not sent to Mexico to die. There have been too many of these cases already, we must demand ICE and the Mexican Consulate in Seattle stop Ivan's deportation! The Mexican government must stop colluding with ICE in deporting gravely ill people! Ivan should be released immediately so he can receive proper medical care. Free Ivan! Free them all!
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  • URGENT! ICE must allow father to reunite with Morris County Family
    Edwin could be deported as soon as Monday, your support is urgently needed to keep him home with his family. Edwin podría ser deportado tan pronto como el lunes, su apoyo es urgente para mantenerlo en casa con su familia.
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    First and foremost, no one deserves to be removed from their home and sent to a country where they will likely die. Second, Ronald is a father, son, and brother. His family needs him alive and free. Third, Ronald is suffering from unjust conditions in the Tacoma Northwest Detention Center. No one should have to experience these conditions, especially during a pandemic. Ronald cannot be deported to El Salvador, or detained in a detention center. Free Ronald!
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  • ICE Must Release This Father and Refugee from Detention NOW
    It is critical that Alex be released to his community. It would be inhumane and incomprehensible if he was deported back to the country he was forced to leave due to torture after the Civil War in Sierra Leone.
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  • Demand the Release of U.S. Citizen Detained at Stewart Detention Center. SIGN THE PETITION.
    We demand that ICE follow its own procedures for investigating and release Jose. Jose’s family and community will be closely monitoring Jose’s case to ensure that ICE follows its own procedures.
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  • You Can Get This Dad Out of ICE Detention and Bring Him Home for the Holidays
    Patrick, a 37-year old Black Muslim Haitian man, has faced retaliation from ICE for speaking out against his prolonged detention and systemic abuse at Bergen County Jail. DHS’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (CRCL) is investigating Patrick’s allegations, but ICE continues to imprison him at LaSalle Processing Center while his family suffers without him. •Patrick is the only father figure in the lives of his three children. They live with the constant pain of his absence and fear that their father may be sent to Haiti, where his life would be in danger. •Patrick's wife, Laura, has been working tirelessly to support the family. Patrick would love nothing more than to come home so he can give her a break from all the long hours, and help her provide the best life possible for their children. He even has a job offer lined up upon release. Please help bring Patrick home for the holidays -- and for good! Sign the petition and spread the word. Every single voice counts. COMMUNITY PRESSURE WORKS ICE already tried to deport Patrick. Twice. Community pressure led them to ground the plane that was supposed to take him to Haiti. Twice. Now, we need to get Patrick home to ensure that ICE doesn’t deport Patrick, and that the systemic abuse perpetrated by ICE and BCJ are properly investigated. ICE must release Patrick immediately.
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  • Follow the DHS Guidelines & Release Israel Arrascue
    Along with the video, Lily shared the following: "We are asking for his immediate release. Please contact the ICE office in Seattle and ask for a full review of Israel's request for prosecutorial discretion. Israel's physical and mental state has deteriorated, he suffers from depression and extreme anxiety, asthma and other illnesses caused by the poor quality of life in detention, yet he continues to fight. Not only for himself, but also for all his fellow detainees. Our daughter was unable to make a video because she suffers from severe depression since her father has been gone. Two years gone means that he has missed 2 of her birthdays, and this might be the 3rd Christmas away from family. Our wish is for him to be home now, in time for Christmas." If ICE continues to reject cases like Israel's, it will send the clear message to all that the new guidelines are merely for show, rather than real protections, and that ICE is refusing to comply with DHS protocol.
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  • Biden & Mayorkas: Stop Deportations Now!
    Despite the deportation moratorium and comprehensive immigration review that he announced on his first day in office, a staggering 26,248 people were deported in President Biden’s first month alone. It is unacceptable that Trump-era immigration policies continue to be weaponized against our communities under the Biden administration. Sign the petition now to call on President Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to stop criminalizing, deporting, and tearing apart immigrant communities, and hold ICE and CBP accountable.
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  • Tell ICE: Release Rene from NWDC!
    No one should be locked up in a detention center during a global pandemic. We support the call to #FreeThemAll. As of today, people detained report there are at least 3 people detained, as well as receiving news of 3 more staff that have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last month, making that’s at least 6 employees with COVID-19 since October. Reports from people in quarantine show that just this December at least 3 pods have been placed in quarantine, in one pod all 14 people were given COVID-19 tests. The NWDC is not a safe place for anyone especially someone who is at high risk of complications from COVID-19. It is impossible to social distance, guards often do not wear masks or gloves and there is no contact tracing for ICE employees coming in and out of the facility. As long as he is detained Rene’s health and safety are at risk. Tell ICE to release Rene so that he can follow COVID-19 guidelines and get the medical care that he needs. Rene #FreeThemAll post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDO6rzcJeO2/?igshid=1pr3wh0lqsxi
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  • Issue a Moratorium on Deportations and Enforcement and Investigate DHS on Day One!
    Since its creation in 2002, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has systematically violated the rights and assaulted the dignity of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Under both Democratic and Republican administrations, DHS has separated families, caged children, overseen the performance of forced hysterectomies, ignored grave allegations of sexual abuse, terrorized our commuities through raids, arrests, and more. Dozens of immigrants have died while in DHS detention camps due to medical neglect. It is clear the policies and practices of DHS pose life-or-death risks to immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Despite this rotten and repeated history of alarming abuse and naked white supremacy, DHS has never been the subject of an official and far-reaching investigation, and the Department has repeatedly rejected calls for transparency and stonewalled demands for accountability. While President-elect Joe Biden has promised to reverse the heinous policies instituted under Donald Trump and has repeatedly agreed to a 100-day moratorium on deportations, we know this is not enough. Add your name to this petition calling on the Biden administration to issue a deportation and enforcement moratorium, and investigate DHS on day one. Latinx voters, Black voters, immigrant communities, and communities of color helped deliver this election to Joe Biden. It is now time for Joe Biden to deliver for us.
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  • Stop the Deportation of Ana Adan Cajigal
    ICE and LaSalle—the for-profit prison corporation that runs Irwin County Detention Center—are under federal investigation for their role in the systematic medical abuse of people incarcerated by ICE. That medical abuse includes coercive, painful, and life-altering gynecological procedures. ICE is attempting to deport the survivors and witnesses who have the knowledge that the investigation needs to hold ICE accountable. In September, Nurse Dawn Wooten blew the whistle on ICE and LaSalle’s medical abuse and complete failure to protect people in their custody from COVID19. In a report released by Project South and the Government Accountability Project, she exposed Irwin County Detention Center’s (ICDC) partnership with a doctor pressuring women into accepting painful, life-altering, and unnecessary gynecological procedures, including hysterectomies. The women detained at ICDC have continued to speak out about the use of medical neglect and torture at ICDC for-profit and punishment. Independent medical professionals have since reviewed dozens of medical records and uncovered a pattern of coerced, painful, and life-altering violence against the bodies of incarcerated women who are disproportionately Black and brown. Some women still do not know what was done to their bodies. They only know they did not want it or ask for it. ICE and LaSalle hope the election will pull our attention away from these abuses for long enough to escape accountability. They deny women the opportunity to meet with doctors who might help them understand what has been done to their bodies. Not only that, but ICE and LaSalle are conspiring to deport the survivors and witnesses of their crimes for participating in the ongoing investigation. We will not allow ICE to retaliate against and disappear the survivors of their crimes or witnesses in the investigation. ******You Can Act****** * 1a. Email Field Office Director (FOD) Thomas P. Giles, Deputy FOD George Sterling, and Assistant FOD Patrick Musante: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] AND * 1b. Call Assistant Field Office Director Patrick Musante: 404 893 1326 To let them know that: Ana Adan Cajigal (A# 204-392-122) and other women detained at ICDC are survivors of medical abuse and witnesses in an ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice. It is completely unacceptable for ICE to deport survivors and witnesses in the middle of a federal investigation. It reveals how ICE is actively trying to prevent their testimony from making it into the record. * 2. When you’ve made your call and sent your email, find three friends and ask them to do the same. Don’t let ICE secretly deport the survivors and key witnesses in an ongoing investigation into ICE’s crimes! * 3. Donate to the commissary fund hosted by the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights: https://bit.ly/ICDCcommfund to support the brave men and women at ICDC!
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