• Dear Presidential Candidates: End Family Detention
    The United States' policy of locking up mothers and children in detention centers violates US and international human rights law, needlessly puts children in harm’s way, and punishes families fleeing for their lives. Jenny Munguia is one of thousands of mothers who braved the dangerous journey north in search of safety for herself and her son. But instead of safety, Jenny and her son have only found more trauma. Jenny and her son were detained in the Dilley, Texas detention center, where they worked with the CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project. According to Jenny: “My son has no appetite and has not been eating for five days. The psychologist told me that my son is depressed because he feels the uncertainty of being detained and not being able to leave. A mother wants to see that her child has everything necessary to be happy and grow, but here I feel like I can’t do anything to help my son." We cannot let more mothers and children like Jenny and her son suffer because of this inhumane and illegal policy. Its time to #EndFamilyDetention now.
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  • Request for Prosecutorial Discretion, Parole from Detention
    Ruben Iribe Beltran came to the US in 1990 from Mexico. In 2006, Ruben developed an infection in his toe from a sliver he got while incarcerated in Beaumont, Texas. Due to poor medical care, the infection caused Ruben to develop gangrene in his toe, resulting in the amputation of his leg. He was given crutches to walk with, but broke his hip from a fall soon after receiving them. In May 2015, Ruben was transferred to Kromes Detention Center in Florida. He suffers from, among other things: hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, and type II diabetes. Despite being made aware of these issues, Kromes has been unable and unwilling to provide proper medical care for him, including providing dialysis. Ruben was told that if he could find the dialysis treatment he needs in Arizona, he would be released on parole so he could access the treatment. Now, Kromes has gone back on their word. Despite finding a dialysis treatment in Arizona, they are refusing to let Ruben be released on parole, saying there is already a deportation order coming from Washington for Ruben and he will be deported any day. His health is deteriorating rapidly- most recently he had part of his big toe removed after developing blisters and an infection. Aside from dialysis, Ruben needs prosthetic bandages, disinfectant alcohol, prosthetic socks, and a wheelchair that fits his body. He has been denied all of these items and forced to wear the same soiled socks he wore upon his arrival 14 months ago. His medical needs and the detention center's violations go on. Ruben needs urgent care, not the cruelty he is being treated with by the detention center guards. The longer he is held in detention, the greater the risk for infection and the more rapidly his condition will deteriorate. Please sign to support prosecutorial discretion for Ruben and his parole from detention.
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  • Virginia Members of Congress: #CheckYourComplicity
    While the Trump regime has continued to expand its violence against migrants at the border and in detention camps across the country, including the “zero tolerance” policy and family separation, Virginia elected officials have continued to receive political contributions from the same ICE contractors and collaborators enacting Trump’s agenda. MVM, Inc., founded by Dario Marquez Jr., is and has been a loyal political contributor to Representative Gerry Connolly (D-VA 11th District), Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, and the Democratic Party of Virginia, as well as to other establishment entities working to elect Democratic candidates in Virginia. In addition to MVM Inc., member of Congress Gerry Connolly has also received thousands in contributions from General Dynamics, another ICE contractor, and Amazon, which has been described as the “backbone behind ICE’s immigration crackdown” by providing technological infrastructure to ICE through its collaboration with Palantir.
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  • Drop the Falsified Charges against Andres Garcia
    The Pinal County Attorney is trying to Hang my brother in front of a Jury. An all upper class Predominant Racist-White Jury. These are everyday injustices that are more than less gruesome and certainly reprehensible. I have a relative going through what many inmates are currently going through. I want Justice for him and i want Justice for all. If we start with one we can show that united we can and that we wont be defeated. Lets rise together, were there are many united no one is left behind because we are our brother's keeper's. We never leave our fellow man hanging.
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  • Keep Orange NJ Fair + Welcoming
    The City of Orange Township is an ethnically, racially, linguistically, and socioeconomically diverse community. This has been a source of our municipality’s strength. We are committed to ensuring that all our residents can live and pursue their livelihoods in peace and prosperity. Like many Americans, we are deeply concerned about how the new presidential administration will impact the lives of immigrants and their families, whether they will be forced to leave this country, and whether rights and protections afforded to them will suddenly be taken away. When local law enforcement voluntarily cooperates with, or works on behalf of, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), significant gaps in trust and cooperation grow between immigrant communities and the police. Some of these practices could expose the City of Orange to liability for violations of individuals’ constitutional rights. Undue collaboration between local law enforcement and ICE will make immigrants less likely to report crimes, act as witnesses in criminal investigations and prosecutions, and provide intelligence to law enforcement. The cooperation of the City of Orange’s immigrant communities is essential to prevent and solve crimes and maintain good public order, safety and security for the entire City. Community policing depends on trust with every community in Orange. Facilitating deportations will harm such efforts. A growing number of municipalities around the country are standing up to threats against privacy and liberties by taking meaningful steps to ensure that at-risk communities are safe, and that all residents’ rights are respected, so that their municipality may continue to thrive. Due to Orange’s limited resources, we see a clear need to foster the trust of and cooperation from, the public, including members of vulnerable communities. To effectuate these goals, we urge the City Council, the Mayor and the administration of the City to clarify its role in protecting all city residents’ privacy and rights.
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  • Tell Redmond, Become a Welcoming City
    Redmond is a hugely diverse city that benefits enormously from its immigrant population. Recent events can lead to huge swaths of our population feeling unsafe. As a school counselor, I have met with many students who are already feeling fear and shame due to recent events. A Welcoming City ordinance would send a clear message to them that we have their backs.
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  • Make Healthcare Facilities Sanctuary Locations for Undocumented and Immigrant Patients
    California policy allows undocumented and immigrant patients to receive county and state health services. Under our new administration, undocumented people are targeted for deportation and arrest.
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