• Free Darrell Fair: Re-open His Case
    Darrell has taken numerous legal actions against his incarceration on the basis of police torture. Most recently, his case was heard by the IL Supreme Court. They upheld a lower court's decision that Darrell did not pass the threshold to prove he qualified for support under the Torture Inquiry Relief Commission. We are calling on Kim Foxx and the State’s Attorney Office to re-open Darrell’s case. Sign the petition to encourage her to meet with lawyers from the Exoneration Project to discuss Darrell Fair’s case.
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    1. Better Food 2. Access to Clean Clothes 3. Better Treatment 4. Better Healthcare 5. For NWDC to be cleaned regularly 6. FREE THEM ALL!
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    1.Grant Emmanuel another bond hearing 2.Free Emmanuel now! 3.Shut Down the NWDC
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  • Implement House Bill 1470: Enforce measurable standards of living in the Northwest Detention Center
    House Bill 1470 will establish measurable standards that must be met upon unannounced inspections of the Department of Health, as the North West Detention Center currently has none. When detainees currently living in the NWDC facility were asked what these measure standards should be, their answers were disheartening, as it was clear basic human standards of living were not being met. Detainees requested laundry services be available at least twice a week and that the clothes they received be new and their own. Detainees have reported that the clothes they receive in the facility are soiled and often mixed with other detainees' clothes. Standards for personal hygiene still need to be met, as detainees are given a travel-size toothbrush, which individuals have stated only holds up for a few brushes. Detainees repeatedly noted the consideration for better treatment. Responses were “Better treatment, we are not animals” and “Humane and dignified treatment.” Detainees are told as they enter the detainment facility that it is not a prison, yet their personal belongings are confiscated. It’s not a prison, yet they are held against their will for years without seeing a day in court. While the Washington state legislature passed a law mandating the facility's closure, this was later deemed unenforceable. So, we must ensure that detainees living in this facility have access to sustainable living conditions that are regularly inspected and enforced.
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  • Free Chidi!
    This act demonstrates the blatant racist biases in which the judge, ICE officer, and NWDC operate. To deny a human being bond DESPITE QUALIFYING, solely based on their skin COLOR. Not only that but stops an individual from any opportunity to see their family; a family who so desperately wants him and needs him back… Sign this petition and contact the congressman David Kilmer, Senator Patty Murray, and ICE Field Director Sylvie A Renda. Tell them to #freechidi and #freethemall Congressman Derek Kilmer Contact: Phone: Washington, D.C. Office (202) 225-5916 Tacoma Office: Phone: (253) 272-3515 Email: https://kilmer.house.gov/contact/email-me Senator Patty Murray Contact: Phone: Washington D.C. Office: (202) 224-2621 Tacoma Office: (253) 572-3636 Email: https://www.murray.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contactme Twitter: @pattymurray ICE Seattle Field Director Sylvie A Renda Contact: Phone: (206) 802-7666 (206) 835-0650 Email: [email protected]
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  • Free Paty!
    1. Respect Paty and free her now! 2. Better food 3. Reasonable commissary prices 4. For NWDC to be cleaned/have cleaners 5. Free them all!
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    FIRST AND FOREMOST, La Resistencia demands the immediate release of Jose and everyone else detained. From the food, water, and air, the overall treatment of people detained in the NWDC is unacceptable and continues to violate human rights every day. SECOND, demand an end to the criminalization and deportation of Jose. Given the dangerous situation that continues to develop in El Salvador, Jose is unfortunately at high risk of being targeted based on his appearance. Deporting him would continue reinforcing a system of violence and oppression towards marginalized communities. Support Jose by signing the petition—together we will fight for everyone's release!
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    Rudy currently has a lawyer who is fighting his deportation. He cannot be deported to El Salvador because “suspected gang members” with tattoos have been sent to jail and even tortured. Human rights watch expresses “In March 2022, the National Assembly declared a state of emergency and suspended basic rights in response to gang violence. Authorities committed widespread human rights violations, including mass arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, ill-treatment in detention, and due process violations.” Because of Rudy’s past forced affiliation with gangs and the fact tattoos are considered as an indication of gang affiliation in El Salvador, deporting Rudy would be a death sentence. La Resistencia demands the release of Rudy and all those detained at the Northwest Detention Center. Rudy and everyone else detained are human beings who deserve to be respected and protected, and not be subjected to inhumane conditions inside the detention center. Rudy shouldn't continue to be criminalized for a crime he was coerced into due to the pervasive gang violence in El Salvador. Deporting him with the current system would be complicit in the ongoing systemic human rights abuses occurring in El Salvador. We should not permit Rudy to be deported by a system that marginalizes, strips people of their humanity, and labels them as criminals, he has a right to be free and be with his family. Please sign this petition to show your support for Rudy, and ask for him not to be deported and instead be released.
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  • End the Detention Death Tax
    US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) currently has no defined limit on the amount of money it will spend to cage the body of a person in removal proceedings. When one of ICE’s deadly cages claim the life from that body, the limit ICE will spend to return them to their loved ones is $0. This Death Tax presents grieving family members with a bill alongside the devastating news that their loved one is gone forever. Forcing families to pay for the retrieval and transportation of loved ones is cruel, inhumane, and unnecessary.
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    We need to empty the NWDC! We cannot and will not wait for the contract to end in 2025. No one should be locked up in a detention center. The NWDC is not a safe place for anyone, it is impossible to social distance, guards often do not wear masks or gloves and there is no contact tracing for ICE employees coming in and out of the facility. As long as he is detained Chad’s health and safety are at risk. Tell ICE to release Chad immediately and fight his deportation! ------------------------------------------------------------------ ¡Necesitamos vaciar el NWDC! No podemos ni esperaremos a que el contrato finalice en 2025. Nadie debe ser encerrado en un centro de detención. El NWDC no es un lugar seguro para nadie, es imposible la distancia social, los guardias a menudo no usan máscaras o guantes y no hay rastreo de contactos para los empleados de ICE que entran y salen de las instalaciones. Mientras esté detenido, la salud y la seguridad de Chad están en peligro. ¡Dígale a ICE que libere a Chad inmediatamente y que luche contra su deportación!
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  • ICE Must Release This Father and Refugee from Detention NOW
    It is critical that Alex be released to his community. It would be inhumane and incomprehensible if he was deported back to the country he was forced to leave due to torture after the Civil War in Sierra Leone.
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  • Follow the DHS Guidelines & Release Israel Arrascue
    Along with the video, Lily shared the following: "We are asking for his immediate release. Please contact the ICE office in Seattle and ask for a full review of Israel's request for prosecutorial discretion. Israel's physical and mental state has deteriorated, he suffers from depression and extreme anxiety, asthma and other illnesses caused by the poor quality of life in detention, yet he continues to fight. Not only for himself, but also for all his fellow detainees. Our daughter was unable to make a video because she suffers from severe depression since her father has been gone. Two years gone means that he has missed 2 of her birthdays, and this might be the 3rd Christmas away from family. Our wish is for him to be home now, in time for Christmas." If ICE continues to reject cases like Israel's, it will send the clear message to all that the new guidelines are merely for show, rather than real protections, and that ICE is refusing to comply with DHS protocol.
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