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To: ICE and GEO

Free Paty!

Meet Paty Alvarado Arellano. Patty is a transgender woman who was detained by ICE and sent to the NWDC where she was placed in a mens only unit. Paty has been helping to organize fellow detainees to demand better conditions at NWDC. In what Paty and La Resistencia believe is an act of retaliation, GEO claimed that while walking to the yard, Paty flashed the yard. As punishment, GEO put her in the hole (solitary confinement). GEO has not provided proof or witnesses and Paty believes she is being targeted because she is transgender and has organized people detained in her unit to demand better conditions. She demands respect, better food, reasonable commissary prices, that GEO clean the facility, and for GEO and ICE to stop harassing her. FREE PATY! FREE THEM ALL!

Why is this important?

1. Respect Paty and free her now!
2. Better food
3. Reasonable commissary prices
4. For NWDC to be cleaned/have cleaners
5. Free them all!



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