• Free Paty!
    1. Respect Paty and free her now! 2. Better food 3. Reasonable commissary prices 4. For NWDC to be cleaned/have cleaners 5. Free them all!
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  • SUCCESS: LGBT Chamber: Cut Ties With Private Prisons
    The Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce's stated goal is to "advocate and educate on behalf of our individual, small business, corporate, and nonprofit members who share the values of promoting equity and diversity in business and society." Core Civic's policies and business model actively harms LGBT people from many communities which is in direct violation of their stated goal of advocating for LGBT people.
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  • Gay Couple Torn Apart By ICE
    On January 31, Jose “Ivan” Nuñez was attending his marriage interview at USCIS with his husband Paul fully expecting to be in and out of the office. Paul and Ivan are in love and have been married since April 9th, 2016. What should have been a dream come true ended in a nightmare. In the middle of his interview ICE agents stormed into the interview and handcuffed him without warning. Now, instead of spending this Valentine's Day with his husband, Ivan is spending it at the York County Detention Center and at risk of being deported. If he was to be deported back to Mexico, Ivan’s life would be in jeopardy due to his sexuality. His sister, who is also queer, is currently in hiding with her partner back home and close friends of the family have been severely assaulted for their sexual orientation. As of January 13th, USCIS has deemed Ivan and Paul’s marriage petition valid and Ivan has passed his Reasonable Fear interview, meaning there is no reason why he should still be in detention. On this Valentine’s Day we ask you to sign this petition in support of Ivan, in support of Paul, and in support of their love Love, GALAEI & Juntos Dear Judge___________ I am writing this letter in support of Jose “Ivan” Nunez. As you are aware, Ivan is a Mexican immigrant who fled his hometown to seek asylum from the potential homophobic violence he would receive because of his sexual orientation. Ivan has found happiness and tranquility with his husband Paul here in Pennsylvania. Ivan was detained by ICE while attending his marriage interview at the USCIS building on January 31, 2018 and has been detained at the York County Detention Center since. By detaining Ivan and potetionally deporting him, Ivan’s wellbeing and safety will be jeopardized. Ivan fled his hometown in Mexico due to fear of being harmed. Ivan’s sister, who is also gay, is currently in hiding due to the same fears and he has close friends who have been assaulted for being gay. I ask that you release Ivan on bond and allow him to be reunited with his husband Paul. Thank you for your time and consideration In Solidarity,
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  • Back to The Roots : Bring Racial Justice Back to Pride
    Every Pride we march to keep alive the spirit of June 1969: trans women of color led patrons of the Stonewall Inn in New York City to resist the routine violence of LGBTQ+-focused police raids. For LGBTQ+ people of color our struggle against police brutality and state violence continues to today. We fight to protect our community from ICE raids, over policing and police brutality, and structural injustice. Last June Phoenix Pride and Mayor Stanton organized a vigil to mourn the victims of the Pulse Massacre in Orlando. They were almost all LGBTQ+ people of color, including many migrants. When it comes to the lives of LGBTQ+ people of color and migrants here in Phoenix, Pride has been silent. As LGBTQ+ people of color who are migrants, undocumented and poor, we face violence and injustice even while we are excluded from the priorities of LGBTQ+ institutions. Here in Phoenix: The Phoenix Department collaborates actively with ICE to persecute migrant communities transferring victims, perpetrators and witnesses of crime alike to ICE custody under the threat of deportation. Mayor Stanton talks tough but has refused to create substantive protections even in the face of Trump’s racist and anti-migrant crusade. Under SB1070 and operation order 4.48, the PPD is already a mass deportation force. PPD ranks nationally in fatal shootings by police. Manifestation law profile and criminalize trans women of color. These realities shape our lives: One of our members, Ricardo Vasquez, is a trans man who has lived in Phoenix for the last 16 years. When he defended his family against a transphobic attack in his home, police arrested him before asking any questions. They transferred him to ICE custody at Eloy Detention Center, where he was sexually assaulted by his cellmate and remained for over a year until he was released.
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