• ‘Ta Caliente 🥵: Battling Climate Change, Ignorant Leaders, and Heat Waves in Texas
    Climate change is making its debut in Texas this summer, and it's coming in the form of excessive heat and tropical-level humidity. This environmental issue is beginning to pose a threat to public health. Texas leaders like Governor Greg Abbott, Senator Ted Cruz, and Senator John Cornyn are not only denying the existence of climate change, but making the issue worse by continuing to invest in and promote our fossil fuel-dependent economy and by refusing to support legislature that could curb the consequences of climate change. The consequences of this ignorance have been fatal. We know that Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other vulnerable communities will be the ones to suffer from this law the most, and we're already seeing it. In less than 3 weeks, 10 people have died in Laredo, TX due to heat-related illnesses, most, if not all, who were Latinx and elderly. In another case, a Black Texas postal worker died from the heat last month while on the job. These are just a few of the many fatal cases we’ve seen this Summer amid BIPOC Texans. By signing this petition, you are standing up against careless leaders like Abbot who refuse to acknowledge the severity of rising temperatures and extreme heat waves that threaten our communities, health, and environment. Let's protect our comunidad and secure a cooler future for generations to come. 🌍
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  • Tell PAG & RTA: Enact an Inclusive & Green Transportation Plan
    Transportation, Transit and Mobility are among the most critical issues we face today. We have made and continue to make our voices heard by participating in MOVE TUCSON planning. We want a mobility plan for Tucson's future and not a distant past. We need a regional transportation plan, like the RTA Next, that is innovative and inclusive.
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    Created by F.U.G.A. (Familias Unidas Ganando Accesibilidad/ Families United Gaining Accessibility)
  • Hall County is Closing Early Voting Sites in Black and Brown Neighborhoods
    Ahead of the important Georgia runoff election, Hall County officials eliminated half of the county's advanced voting locations, disproportionately impacting Black and Latinx voters. The turnout data from the first two days of early voting shows that Hall County was among the counties with the highest turnout in the 2020 general election - when the County offered eight sites - but dropped to be among the counties with the lowest turnout in the 2021 runoff after half of the polling places were closed. It is clear that the county’s closures of early voting sites has caused lower turnout because they have made early voting less accessible, especially to Latinx and Black voters. Advocates have been offering the county help recruiting qualified poll workers to staff the closed voting sites. Elected officials at Hall County have responded that they have staffing concerns, which just means they should accept the offer of community advoactes offer to help recruit qualified poll workers. Although poll workers’ concerns about the Covid-19 virus are real, there is no reason why the county cannot address those concerns the same way it did during the 2020 general election when it maintained eight early voting locations with safety protocols.
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  • Vote for a real Democrat, not former "Strong Republican" Frank Aguilar!
    While Frank Aguilar's recent voting record shows that in 2018 he voted Democrat, that does not erase a voting record of over 14 years of being identified as a “Strong Republican” nor does it erase his ongoing support of Trump allies like Bill Conway, Tom Ricketts, and Dan Lipinski. We cannot allow our Democratic committee members to elect someone like Aguilar into office. We are deeply concerned with Frank Aguilar's track record of supporting candidates for office whose interests do not align with the well-being and needs of our community. Aguilar supports: • Deep-pocket Trump donors, including Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, who has donated over $1M to support Donald Trump’s candidacy • Dan Lipinski, former Illinois congressman who voted against the Dream Act and called Trump a “champion of immigration reform” • Bill Conway, former candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney whose campaign was funded by Trump supporters and his billionaire father, cofounder of the Carlyle Group that profits off of war and immigrant detention On April 15th, 8 Democratic committee members will be voting on a replacement for Jeff Tobolski, who recently resigned as 16th District Commissioner due to FBI investigations. The 16th District is comprised of Berwyn, Cicero, Franklin Park, Mc Cook, Hodgekins, Lyons, Summit, Countryside, La Grange Park, La Grange, Northlake, Westchester, Stone Park, Berkley, Broadview, Hillside, Melrose Park, Maywood, Brookfield, Riverside, North Riverside, Forest View, Stickney, and Chicago. Berwyn and Cicero residents: These two committee members carry 42% of the voting power! • Mayor Robert Lovero (Berwyn) with a 22% weighted vote • Blanca Vargas (Cicero) with a 20% weighted vote Help Stop Aguilar! 1. Sign and share the petition. 2. Then call Lovero and Vargas TODAY! Urge them to vote NO to Aguilar! Ensure they vote for the candidate that would best represent our community. BERWYN Residents: Call Democratic committeeman Mayor Robert J. Lovero 708-484-8630 CICERO Residents: Call Democratic committeewoman Blanca Vargas 708-207-1704 ******************************ESPAÑOL**************************** ¿Por qué demócratas votarían por un ex-republicano para ocupar un puesto vacante para el Comisionado del Condado de Cook de el Distrito 16? Colectivo Rizoma urge a los votantes a contactar a Lovero y Vargas y decirles que no apoyen a Frank Aguilar. Aunque el registro de votación de Frank Aguilar muestra que en 2018 votó demócrata, eso no borra un registro de votación de más de 14 años de ser identificado como un "Republicano fuerte" ni borra su apoyo a los aliados de Trump como Bill Conway, Tom Ricketts y Dan Lipinski. No podemos permitir que los miembros de nuestro comité demócrata elijan a alguien como Aguilar para el cargo. Estamos profundamente preocupados por el historial de Frank Aguilar de apoyar a candidatos para cargos públicos cuyos intereses no se alinean con el bienestar y las necesidades de nuestra comunidad. Aguilar apoya: • Donantes de Trump, incluido el propietario de los Cachorros, Tom Ricketts, quien ha donado más de $ 1 millón para apoyar la candidatura de Donald Trump, • Dan Lipinski, ex congresista de Illinois que votó en contra de la Ley Dream Act y llamó a Trump un "defensor de la reforma migratoria" • Bill Conway , ex candidato a Fiscal del Estado del Condado de Cook, cuya campaña fue financiada por los partidarios de Trump y su padre multimillonario, cofundador del Grupo Carlyle que se beneficia de la guerra y la detención de inmigrantes. ¡ Ayuda a detener a Aguilar! 1. Firma y comparte la petición. 2. ¡Llama a Lovero y Vargas HOY! ¡Urgelos a NO votar por Aguilar! Asegúrese de que voten por el candidato que mejor represente a nuestra comunidad. Residentes de BERWYN: Llame a Alcalde Robert J. Lovero 708-484-8630 Residentes de CICERO: Llame a Blanca Vargas 708-207-1704
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  • Tell ABC News and Univision: Ask 2020 DNC Candidates About Central American Migration!
    The perpetrators of mass shootings in Gilroy, CA and El Paso, TX made reference to "hordes of mestizos" and "a Hispanic invasion" as "instigators" for their acts of terror.[1] Given the extensiveness of this racist rhetoric and the climate of fear it produces, the next president of the United States must be prepared to implement bold policies that both address the underlying causes of Central America's crises and that rehumanize migrants and asylum seekers at the US Southern border. Voters deserve to know: Which presidential candidate will, within the first week in office, reinstate both US and international asylum laws.[2] How candidates will coordinate with existing Central American governments and/or civil society organizations to produce equitable, just, and less violent societies in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.[3] Which candidate is prepared to reverse course on the failures and abuses of the Central American Regional Security Initiative, and demilitarize US aid to the region.[4] How candidates will guarantee the reunification of families separated by CBP and ICE under the current administration's mandate.[5] What measures will each candidate implement to bring restitution to abuses suffered by asylees and migrants under US government supervision.[6] Which presidential candidate will end the criminalization of migrants.[7] Candidates' plans to reduce the effects of climate change and to aid "climate refugees."[8] How candidates plan to protect migrants and communities of color from growing tide of anti-immigrant and white supremacist violence.[9] Houston, the site of the third Democratic Debate this September, is America's most diverse city. In 2013, 1.4 million of the city's 6.3 million residents were foreign born. Moreover, Houston hosts the third largest urban populations of Mexican, Vietnamese, and Honduran immigrants.[10] In a state at the center of the immigration debate, it is crucial that candidates address these issues in their third debate.
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  • Demand Phil Bacerra Drop Out of Santa Ana Council Race; Abusers Should Not Serve on City Council
    In light of Griselda Govea's call for accountability, we demand that Phil Bacerra drop out of the city council race for Ward 4 in Santa Ana; immediately stop all campaigning; and return all campaign contributions received and spent. In a recent Facebook post Griselda detailed the regular verbal, emotional, and physical abuse that she endured while dating Phil over a period of four years, and called on voters to exercise accountability with their vote this November. There should not be room for abusive people in our politics, nor in our council chambers. Demand that Phil Bacerra drop out of the race and end his campaign by signing this petition. In Griselda's own words: 'Prevent another abuser from getting his hands on our city. Haven’t we gone through enough? Perhaps Phil is right, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. We’re done electing abusers around these neck of the woods. End it before it begins.' See Griselda's full post Here: https://www.facebook.com/griselda.desantos/posts/10212646145776614
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    Created by Courtney C.
  • ¡"Perspectivas para Colombia" Debe ser un evento para el pueblo!
    The forum “Perspectivas Para Colombia” will be hosting the presidential candidates for 2018 from Colombia with the intention of fomenting informed civic participation. As requested by the Colombian community residing in New York, the forum was confirmed with the attendance of the candidates running for president this May 27, 2018. However, a few days before the event, a statement was issued on the page of the event stating that "The event will be exclusive for members of the Columbia University community" (English translation).   The decision of closing the debate to the public is an attack on the democratic process and the number of people who supported the effort to organize the debate in the city of New York. The group @ColumbiaPorColombia informs that "due to insurmountable inconveniences on the part of the University"(English translation) they are not given access to the discussion to the larger public. As a Colombian community in New York we demand that this event is sponsored at another locality that is indeed open to those who we reside abroad (to the public). This request comes from communities that truly believe in civic and democratic participation in an honest, open and public manner. We want to highlight that the exclusion of our participation is elitist and classist and it privatizes our rights as citizens.
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  • Take Down Anti-Immigrant Ad Against Alma Anaya's Cook County Candidacy
    Two Latinas are running for the 7th Cook County Commissioner seat in Chicago, which Chuy Garcia will be leaving at the end of the term. Alma Anaya, one of the candidates, has been open with her story of growing up undocumented and homeless and finding her way through with community support. As the March primaries approach, the campaign supporting Angie Sandoval began to air an advertisement that attacks Alma, with one of the points being that "she is not from here." As pointed out by a recent Chicago Tribune article on the story, "Sandoval’s campaign rhetoric could be reflected in future policy that will not have the interests of immigrant families in mind." The article points to Sandoval father who did not support Cicero's Sanctuary City Policy, the "Welcoming City Ordinance, in November 2017, which would have further prohibited Cicero Police from cooperating with immigration agents. Whoever takes the Cook County seat would hold an important position in maintaining our county as a Sanctuary, and keeping immigrants safe form ICE, despite pressure from DHS.
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  • Tell the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: Dump your Trump-loving CEO
    A man who stands with Trump is a pariah. After Trump called Mexicans rapists, Javier Palomarez did not step down. After he insulted Mexican judge, Javier Palomarez did not step down. After he called immigrants animals, Javier Palomarez did not step down. After Trump's response to Charlottesville, as CEOs on his business committees resigned from their advisory posts in disgust over Trump's support of white supremacy, Javier Palomarez did not step down. In fact, he doubled down and went on national television to declare that he would not resign from his position as a Trump advisor. We cannot continue to be represented by or associated with someone who stands with Donald J. Trump. There is a time where going inside is accepting a hard role on behalf of ones community and there is a time when doing so is for ones own career despite ones community Palomarez has shown exactly what his intentions are and it is time for him to end his charade of "public service".
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    Since 1899, that statue has been a hateful symbol of the brutality of slavery; it memorializes white supremacy and human bondage. Even today, racists and klansmen continue to worship it . . . Yet we know it only represents those people who continue to support the racist agenda of white supremacists. We cannot continue to display hateful symbols in public . . . . TAKE THE STATUE DOWN!
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    Created by Ronald S.
  • Congreso CEO, Carolina Cabrera-DiGiorgio Must Resign #FueraCongresoCEO
    Our call for Ms. Cabrera-DiGiorgio resignation is beyond her political affiliation, this is much bigger than party lines. This is an issue of morality. It does not inspire confidence in us as a community to have the leader of Philadelphia's largest Latino organization support and clap for a man that has engaged in an all out attack against the community she is meant to work for. We need leaders who will stand up against these attacks, who will stand with our families in these hard times and defend ALL OF US. ******************************************************* Nuestra petición de renuncia de la Sra. Cabrera-Digriogadno está más allá de su afiliación política. Esto es mucho más grande. Esta es una cuestión de moralidad. A nosotros como comunidad no nos inspira confianza tener a la líder de la organización latina más grande de Filadelfia apoyar y aplaudir a un hombre que ha liderado un ataque masivo encontra de la comunidad para cual se supone ella trabaja. Necesitamos líderes que se opongan a estos ataques, que están de lado de nuestras familias en estos tiempos difíciles y sobre todo que defiendan a TODOSNOSOTROS EN LOS EEUU.
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  • Stand with Civil Rights Hero, Rep. John Lewis, and Boycott the Inauguration
    In a statement regarding his boycotting of Trump's Inauguration, Congressman Grijalva said that his "absence is not motivated by disrespect for the office or motivated by disrespect for the government that we have in this great democracy. But as an individual act, yes, of defiance, at the disrespect shown to millions and millions of Americans by this incoming administration and by the actions we are taking in this Congress." And Congressman Grijalva is right- we must not legitimize or normalize Donald Trump and his hate filled agenda. Not only his Trump proven himself to be unfit for us, a cloud of illegitimacy hangs over this year's presidential election that makes us question the legitimacy of a Trump presidency. Civil Rights Icon Representative John Lewis will also be skipping the inauguration stating that "you cannot be at home with something that you feel that is wrong, is not right.” Democratic Reps. Jared Huffman (Calif.), Katherine Clark (Mass.), Barbara Lee (Calif.) Mark DeSaulnier (Calif.), Lacy Clay (Mo.), Kurt Schrader (Ore.) and Earl Blumenauer (Ore.) also announced boycotts. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), who will also be boycotting the inauguration will instead attend the anti-Trump Women's March taking place the following day. We must urge the rest of our elected officials to stand with them.
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