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To: Board of Directors, US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Tell the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: Dump your Trump-loving CEO

Javier Palomarez, President of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, has proven he is unfit to represent anyone other than himself and needs to be fired from his position immediately.

Why is this important?

A man who stands with Trump is a pariah.

After Trump called Mexicans rapists, Javier Palomarez did not step down.

After he insulted Mexican judge, Javier Palomarez did not step down.

After he called immigrants animals, Javier Palomarez did not step down.

After Trump's response to Charlottesville, as CEOs on his business committees resigned from their advisory posts in disgust over Trump's support of white supremacy, Javier Palomarez did not step down. In fact, he doubled down and went on national television to declare that he would not resign from his position as a Trump advisor.

We cannot continue to be represented by or associated with someone who stands with Donald J. Trump.

There is a time where going inside is accepting a hard role on behalf of ones community and there is a time when doing so is for ones own career despite ones community

Palomarez has shown exactly what his intentions are and it is time for him to end his charade of "public service".

Reasons for signing

  • How embarrassing that the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce continues to have a relationship with a racist administration. Shame! No tienen verguenza!


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