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To: PAG & The RTA

Tell PAG & RTA: Enact an Inclusive & Green Transportation Plan

We call on Pima Association of Governments (PAG)'s Regional Council & The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)'s Board of Directors to have an inclusive, green, and just mobility agenda. The people who live and pay taxes in the City of Tucson deserve fair funding & representation, and a regional mobility plan that is reflective of our needs as residents of Tucson. We know that investments that make sense for Tucson and our region include a mobility system that is safe and accessible for people walking and biking; a transit system that includes an electrified fleet and rapid transit; and maintenance of our aging road infrastructure.

Tucson is the third most quickly heating city in the United States. Transportation emissions created are the largest contributor to greenhouse gases. Any regional transportation plan must address issues of climate change, adaptation and resilience. This means we need a focus on alternate modes of transportation as a priority.

In particular, we, the undersigned, demand that IF the City of Tucson participates in the RTA Next these conditions be addressed:

• A re-imagined and updated Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) that is reflective of our community and includes members from a wide variety of demographics and perspectives. The current CAC sunset was at the end of May 2021.

• A clear commitment to green transit

• Equitable distributions of funds and projects to Tucson, in particular, the South side of Tucson.

• The voices of the Tohono O'odham Nation and the Pascua Yaqui be represented at every table and decision-making opportunity

• Transparency and decision-making open to the public in tangible, meaningful ways

• Increased transportation choices, improved safety, and investments in maintaining existing infrastructure

• Opportunities for the participation, input and collaboration of Tucson residents beyond the CAC

• Sharing of all public comments and input in their entirety available to all levels of PAG/RTA, administration and the public

• Flexibility and responsiveness to changing traffic patterns, land uses, and emerging technologies that will occur over the life of the plan

Only by working together and addressing these concerns can we, the residents of Tucson, commit ourselves to supporting the participation of the City of Tucson in the RTA Next and a mobility and transportation future that works for all of us.

Why is this important?

Transportation, Transit and Mobility are among the most critical issues we face today. We have made and continue to make our voices heard by participating in MOVE TUCSON planning. We want a mobility plan for Tucson's future and not a distant past. We need a regional transportation plan, like the RTA Next, that is innovative and inclusive.



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