• Stop the Deportation of Ana Adan Cajigal
    ICE and LaSalle—the for-profit prison corporation that runs Irwin County Detention Center—are under federal investigation for their role in the systematic medical abuse of people incarcerated by ICE. That medical abuse includes coercive, painful, and life-altering gynecological procedures. ICE is attempting to deport the survivors and witnesses who have the knowledge that the investigation needs to hold ICE accountable. In September, Nurse Dawn Wooten blew the whistle on ICE and LaSalle’s medical abuse and complete failure to protect people in their custody from COVID19. In a report released by Project South and the Government Accountability Project, she exposed Irwin County Detention Center’s (ICDC) partnership with a doctor pressuring women into accepting painful, life-altering, and unnecessary gynecological procedures, including hysterectomies. The women detained at ICDC have continued to speak out about the use of medical neglect and torture at ICDC for-profit and punishment. Independent medical professionals have since reviewed dozens of medical records and uncovered a pattern of coerced, painful, and life-altering violence against the bodies of incarcerated women who are disproportionately Black and brown. Some women still do not know what was done to their bodies. They only know they did not want it or ask for it. ICE and LaSalle hope the election will pull our attention away from these abuses for long enough to escape accountability. They deny women the opportunity to meet with doctors who might help them understand what has been done to their bodies. Not only that, but ICE and LaSalle are conspiring to deport the survivors and witnesses of their crimes for participating in the ongoing investigation. We will not allow ICE to retaliate against and disappear the survivors of their crimes or witnesses in the investigation. ******You Can Act****** * 1a. Email Field Office Director (FOD) Thomas P. Giles, Deputy FOD George Sterling, and Assistant FOD Patrick Musante: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] AND * 1b. Call Assistant Field Office Director Patrick Musante: 404 893 1326 To let them know that: Ana Adan Cajigal (A# 204-392-122) and other women detained at ICDC are survivors of medical abuse and witnesses in an ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice. It is completely unacceptable for ICE to deport survivors and witnesses in the middle of a federal investigation. It reveals how ICE is actively trying to prevent their testimony from making it into the record. * 2. When you’ve made your call and sent your email, find three friends and ask them to do the same. Don’t let ICE secretly deport the survivors and key witnesses in an ongoing investigation into ICE’s crimes! * 3. Donate to the commissary fund hosted by the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights: https://bit.ly/ICDCcommfund to support the brave men and women at ICDC!
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    Alma Bowman is a 54-year-old woman set to be deported to the Philippines, a country she has not been in for more than 40 years - even though she is a U.S. citizen. She has lived in the U.S. since the age of ten when she came to the US in 1977, having acquired citizenship from her US citizen father. She also has two U.S. citizen children living in Georgia. Further, Ms. Bowman was one of the women detained at the Irwin County Detention Center (ICDC) in Georgia who provided crucial information in the whistleblower complaint filed by Project South, GLAHR, South GA Immigrant Support Network and Georgia Detention Watch. The report led to an investigation by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Department of Homeland Security. Alma is a key witness to the abuse that has taken place at ICDC, and would like to stay in the US and share what she knows with federal investigators. Instead of acknowledging her US citizenship and the information she has to contribute to the ongoing investigation at ICDC, Ms. Bowman has been transferred thousands of miles away to Arizona, where she is awaiting deportation. Since August of 2017, Ms. Bowman has represented herself before ICE on her own; and without legal representation, she did not know that she is, in fact, a U.S. citizen. As soon as she found out she was a U.S. citizen, Alma filed a request to stop her deportation, submitting documents as proof of her claim - and still, ICE denied her request and is committed to deporting her. Ms. Bowman now has an attorney helping her and she needs time in the US to reopen her case and get the Court to terminate proceedings against her. As a U.S. citizen, she is not subjected to deportation. We ask ICE to reverse its decision and hold her deportation at this time, in order for Ms. Bowman to reopen her case and participate in the ongoing OIG investigation. Please consider donating here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-a-mom-stay-with-her-family
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  • Stop Pauline's Deportation
    I respectfully request that you exercise discretion and grant Ms. Pauline Binam’s request to stay in the United States as investigations are underway into the harm she experienced during her time at the Irwin County Detention Center (ICDC) in Georgia. While at ICDC, doctors performed gynecological surgery and removed parts of her reproductive organs without Ms. Pauline Binam’s consent. She is scheduled to be deported tomorrow, just as we are learning that she was not the only woman in the Georgia detention center who was subjected to invasive surgery without her knowledge. Pauline still suffers from health complications as a result of her surgery, and her ability to have children has been drastically reduced. It is appalling and robs Pauline of the justice seeks to deport her in light of these revelations. Pauline is a loving and committed mother. While in detention for nearly three years, she has missed four of her daughter’s birthdays. She is a longtime resident of the U.S., having immigrated from Cameroon when she was 2 years-old. She graduated from high school and attended University of North Carolina-Charlotte before needing to quit school to take care of her sick father. She's also a survivor of three brutal and toxic relationships that led her through dark times. At a time when Pauline was resetting her life to focus on her daughter she was placed in immigration detention. While in detention, she suffered irreversible harm due to the cruel treatment of a doctor who is currently being investigated by the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security. With new information coming to light every day and the ongoing investigations into the crimes committed against Pauline and other women who suffered injuries such as hers, we ask that you halt Pauline’s deportation and release her to her family during this difficult time.
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