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To: Hall County Board of Commissioners & Hall County Board of Elections

Hall County is Closing Early Voting Sites in Black and Brown Neighborhoods

Closure of early vote polling places in majority Latinx neighborhoods in Hall County.
To ensure all voters have equitable and safe access to advance voting—and ensure that Hall County complies with federal and state law- we urge Hall County officials to maintain eight advance voting locations for the remainder of the 2021 runoff election.


Call TODAY to urge Hall County Board of Elections to re-open early vote sites in Black and Brown neighborhoods: 770-531-6945

“Hi, my name is ___. I am calling because I am extremely concerned with the closing of half of Hall counties early vote locations, impacting Black and Latino voters. I urge Hall County to work with community organizations to re-open the sites so that all registered voters are able to participate in this important Georgia runoff”

Why is this important?

Ahead of the important Georgia runoff election, Hall County officials eliminated half of the county's advanced voting locations, disproportionately impacting Black and Latinx voters.

The turnout data from the first two days of early voting shows that Hall County was among the counties with the highest turnout in the 2020 general election - when the County offered eight sites - but dropped to be among the counties with the lowest turnout in the 2021 runoff after half of the polling places were closed.

It is clear that the county’s closures of early voting sites has caused lower turnout because they have made early voting less accessible, especially to Latinx and Black voters.

Advocates have been offering the county help recruiting qualified poll workers to staff the closed voting sites. Elected officials at Hall County have responded that they have staffing concerns, which just means they should accept the offer of community advoactes offer to help recruit qualified poll workers. Although poll workers’ concerns about the Covid-19 virus are real, there is no reason why the county cannot address those concerns the same way it did during the 2020 general election when it maintained eight early voting locations with safety protocols.



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