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To: Deportation Officer Monica Hickox and Kromes Director Marc J. Moore

Request for Prosecutorial Discretion, Parole from Detention

Ruben's health is deteriorating rapidly inside Kromes Detention Center in Florida. Release Ruben on parole from detention so he can access the medical care he needs and be with his family in Arizona.

Why is this important?

Ruben Iribe Beltran came to the US in 1990 from Mexico. In 2006, Ruben developed an infection in his toe from a sliver he got while incarcerated in Beaumont, Texas. Due to poor medical care, the infection caused Ruben to develop gangrene in his toe, resulting in the amputation of his leg. He was given crutches to walk with, but broke his hip from a fall soon after receiving them.

In May 2015, Ruben was transferred to Kromes Detention Center in Florida. He suffers from, among other things: hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, and type II diabetes. Despite being made aware of these issues, Kromes has been unable and unwilling to provide proper medical care for him, including providing dialysis. Ruben was told that if he could find the dialysis treatment he needs in Arizona, he would be released on parole so he could access the treatment.

Now, Kromes has gone back on their word. Despite finding a dialysis treatment in Arizona, they are refusing to let Ruben be released on parole, saying there is already a deportation order coming from Washington for Ruben and he will be deported any day. His health is deteriorating rapidly- most recently he had part of his big toe removed after developing blisters and an infection. Aside from dialysis, Ruben needs prosthetic bandages, disinfectant alcohol, prosthetic socks, and a wheelchair that fits his body. He has been denied all of these items and forced to wear the same soiled socks he wore upon his arrival 14 months ago.

His medical needs and the detention center's violations go on. Ruben needs urgent care, not the cruelty he is being treated with by the detention center guards. The longer he is held in detention, the greater the risk for infection and the more rapidly his condition will deteriorate.

Please sign to support prosecutorial discretion for Ruben and his parole from detention.




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Ruben's sister Ana, "Bring my brother home, I fear for his life."