• Stop Pauline's Deportation
    I respectfully request that you exercise discretion and grant Ms. Pauline Binam’s request to stay in the United States as investigations are underway into the harm she experienced during her time at the Irwin County Detention Center (ICDC) in Georgia. While at ICDC, doctors performed gynecological surgery and removed parts of her reproductive organs without Ms. Pauline Binam’s consent. She is scheduled to be deported tomorrow, just as we are learning that she was not the only woman in the Georgia detention center who was subjected to invasive surgery without her knowledge. Pauline still suffers from health complications as a result of her surgery, and her ability to have children has been drastically reduced. It is appalling and robs Pauline of the justice seeks to deport her in light of these revelations. Pauline is a loving and committed mother. While in detention for nearly three years, she has missed four of her daughter’s birthdays. She is a longtime resident of the U.S., having immigrated from Cameroon when she was 2 years-old. She graduated from high school and attended University of North Carolina-Charlotte before needing to quit school to take care of her sick father. She's also a survivor of three brutal and toxic relationships that led her through dark times. At a time when Pauline was resetting her life to focus on her daughter she was placed in immigration detention. While in detention, she suffered irreversible harm due to the cruel treatment of a doctor who is currently being investigated by the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security. With new information coming to light every day and the ongoing investigations into the crimes committed against Pauline and other women who suffered injuries such as hers, we ask that you halt Pauline’s deportation and release her to her family during this difficult time.
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  • Release Santos from NWDC!
    Since before arriving at NWDC, Santos has had several serious medical complications and chronic pain related to a past stroke that lead to Gout. These severe health conditions require careful medical attention and additional precautions such as social isolation to ensure that he does not contract COVID-19 in his compromised state. With the increasing risks due to COVID-19, Santos is now at an even higher risk of becoming more ill. His family is in deep fear for his health and is calling on our community to pressure ICE and have Santos released immediately. Santos life is put at risk every day he stays inside NWDC! Sign this petition to release Santos now! Desde antes que llegó al NWDC, Santos ha tenido varias complicaciones médicas serias y dolor crónico relacionado con un accidente cerebrovascular pasado que produjo la gota, todos los que no han sido tratados durante su tiempo en NWDC. Estas condiciones médicas graves requieren atención médica adecuada que él no está recibiendo actualmente. Con riesgos crecientes por COVID-19, Santos actualmente tiene un riesgo aún mayor de enfermar más. Su familia tiene miedo profundo por su salud y llama a nuestra comunidad a presionar a ICE a liberar a Santos inmediatamente. ¡La vida de Santos se pone en riesgo cada día que él se queda dentro de NWDC! ¡Firme esta petición a liberar a Santos ahora! Hear from his family: https://www.instagram.com/p/CC1-q22pQBK/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Santos #FreeThemAll post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CC0_mEBJ_YW/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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  • Tell Blackrock to divest from the deportation machine!
    Over the past few years, BlackRock has increased the public attention it gives to sustainability, climate change, and ethical investment principles. However, BlackRock’s direct investment in Palantir betrays such principles. BlackRock is a direct investor in Palantir -- a data analytics company that provides technology to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to help identify, track, and target immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers for detention and deportation. BlackRock’s financing of Palantir and similar companies enables the Trump Administration’s ongoing war against immigrants -- particularly Black and Brown communities -- and potentially facilitates gross human rights violations. It's up to you to hold BlackRock accountable.
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  • COVID19 outbreak at Pulaski County Detention Center
    The new coronavirus is taking many people's lives and it is important that we are aware of how serous this situation is. El nuevo coronavirus se esta llevando la vida de muchas personas y es importante que sepamos que tan seria la situación es.
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  • ICE is Deporting My Mother, Who is Recovering From Stage-4 Cancer
    My mom made it possible for me, an undocumented immigrant like herself, to attend and graduate from Pomona College in 2018, and to be accepted into Yale University’s prestigious History Ph.D. program. I am now on track to completing my PhD program at one of the nation’s top universities. But I can hardly study or think, knowing how much she is suffering. My mother also raised three phenomenal daughters, all of whom proudly work in the construction industry. My sisters, Saira, Driana, and Driany are also mothers, and their five beautiful children miss their doting “abuela” (grandmother) terribly. My mother is the bedrock of our family and community. An immigrant from rural Honduras, my mom has worked her whole life as a housekeeper, restaurant dishwasher, and construction worker so that my three siblings and I could have a better life than the one she lived back in Honduras, where she suffered from malnutrition, poverty, and very poor healthcare. Honduras lacks the proper facilities to treat my mother’s form of cancer, and has a severe shortage of treatment options for cancer survivors. She is profoundly religious and spiritual, and her Christian beliefs have led her to support others in the immigrant community. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she did not give up. In fact, her spirituality helped her survive, and she then built up the spirits of others struggling with cancer. Now she needs our community's help. My mother is strong, but she still needs adequate medical treatment and tolerable living conditions. The detention center has deprived her of regular medical follow-ups, and post-radiation and post-chemotherapy care. Detention doctors informed our mom that she now has a serious Vitamin B12 deficiency. We fear that her physical health is declining at an alarming rate. And if she is deported to Honduras, my mother would certainly face a decline in health, if not death. We urge ICE to be humane and release my mother to fight her case outside of detention and so she can fully recover from a long battle against cancer. We ask people to sign this petition. #ReleaseTaniaNow #LibertadParaTania Call ICE Director [Supervisory Detention and Deportation Officer, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Atlanta Field Office, Cesar Ciprian ([email protected]) Tel. (404) 893-1214] Here is a sample script: Hello, my name is _________, and I am calling to urge you to save the life of Tania Romero, A# 095-087-219, detained in Irwin County Detention Center, by releasing her to receive the medical treatment needed to heal from stage-4 cancer at home with her family. I believe she will abide by all the court dates and procedures. She deserves to process her case outside of detention in restorative conditions and among loving family and grandchildren. (Leave your name and zip code). You can also donate to our GOFUND.ME Page: https://bit.ly/2ouaazl For our press statement, see this link: https://bit.ly/2JtLgH5 Please share and repost this message to support our family. Thank you. Update: Checkout coverage by Spanish media, Univision Atlanta on my mother's story. https://bit.ly/2PvWNKa For media inquiries, please contact [email protected]
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  • Shut down the NWDC! ¡Cierren el NWDC!
    The City of Tacoma has the power and responsibility to declare the Northwest Detention Center a chronic public nuisance and close the facility down. Since Tacoma’s immigration cage opened in 2004, GEO Group has repeatedly called the police on peaceful protestors, wasting taxpayer money. More importantly, GEO employees have repeatedly had to call on Tacoma emergency medical services to save the lives of detained immigrants after the lack of medical care has led to preventable emergencies, of both mental and physical health. The center has also seen multiple outbreaks of varicella and the mumps. Tacoma has shut down other businesses in recent history as public nuisances. It is time to shut down the detention center. La Ciudad de Tacoma tiene el poder y la responsabilidad de declarar el Centro de Detención del Noroeste una alteración crónica al orden público y cerrar la instalación. Desde que esta jaula de Tacoma abrió en el 2004, el Grupo GEO ha repetidamente llamado a la policía cuando gente pacifica se demuestra en contra de la detención, gastando así dinero de lxs contribuyentes. Aún más, empleados de GEO han repetidamente llamado a los servicios de emergencia medica para salvar las vidas de las personas inmigrantes ahí detenidas, después de que la falta de cuidado médico ha llevado a emergencias que podían haber sido prevenidas, tanto de salud física como mental. El centro ha visto también múltiples brotes de paperas y varicela. Tacoma ha cerrado otros negocios recientemente por ser una alteración al orden público. Es hora de cerrar el centro de detención
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  • No room for CBP in Chicago! Tell Marriott to cancel CBP Conference
    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is holding its annual trade symposium at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Chicago on July 23rd & 24th. We are calling on Marriott Marquis Chicago to cancel the conference and want to make it clear that CBP is not welcome in our city in any capacity. On July 11, 2019, Marriott International published a statement declaring that they would not allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to use their hotels as a detention facilities for immigrants. The statement came after ICE announced it planned to use hotels in place of detention centers to address overcrowding in their facilities. Marriott stated: "Our hotels are not configured to be detention facilities, but to be open to guests and community members as well.'' By hosting the Customs and Border Protection Trade Symposium, Marriott is showing that they in fact are not an open and safe space for guests and community members, and are actively enabling CBP and its profiteer company collaborators to continue to build the deportation machine which is used by both CBP and ICE to terrorize immigrant communities. By hosting a conference full of CBP officials and collaborators, Marriott is participating in creating an unsafe environment for Chicago residents, and it needs to be known that CBP, ICE, & DHS are not welcome in our city. In order to show that they truly stand with immigrants, Marriott must cancel the symposium and refuse to collaborate with CBP and ICE in any capacity moving forward. In addition to signing this petition, please call the Marriott Marquis at 312-824-0500 and voice your support to cancel the CBP conference!
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  • Tell Jeff Bezos & Amazon: Cut Your Ties to ICE!
    Jeff Bezos claims doesn't want you to know: Every day, ICE uses technological weapons hosted on Amazon's cloud to terrorize immigrant communities. We are writing to Jeff Bezos in support of the 52,000 immigrants currently being held in detention camps and the millions of immigrants deported from the U.S. over the last 10 years. —Immigrant families are being torn apart across the U.S. and thrown into detention camps and prisons. The human rights abuses in detention camps have escalated to unprecedented heights—officers forcing immigrants to drink out of toilets, denying immigrants toothbrushes or soap, sexually assaulting immigrants—all undergirded by the constant fear of being detained indefinitely and anxiety over being sent back to their countries or origin, where many face threats of violence and death. —And we know ICE is responsible for many deaths—like the death of 20 month old Mariee Juárez, who died just weeks after being released from an ICE detention camp last year. —Palantir runs on AWS. We know that ICE relies on Palantir to power its detention and deportation machine—using it to hunt down, track, detain, and deport immigrants across the country. In response to your company's ties with ICE, your Executive Brian Huseman noted at a NYC Council hearing that "the government should have the best available technology." Is Amazon proud to be providing the best available technology to Palantir so they can help ICE to detain and deport immigrants, families, and children? Is Amazon proud of enabling human rights abuses and Trump's white supremacist agenda? Don't be like IBM—a company that will forever be remembered for providing its technology to Hitler and the Third Reich & enabling them to hunt down, track, detain, and ultimately commit genocide against the Jewish people. It's time to stand on the right side of history, Jeff. We demand you cut all ties to ICE, including ties to Palantir and any other partners that may be working directly with ICE and its detention machine. Please do it for the immigrants who have passed away in ICE and CBP custody: Jakelin Caal Maquin, 7 Roxsana Hernandez, 33 Felipe Alonso-Gómez, 8 Claudia Gómez González, 20 Carlos Hernandez Vásquez, 16 Wilmer Josué Vásquez, 2 Darlyn Cristabel Cordova-Valle, 10 Johana Medina Leon, 25 Yimi Alexis Balderramos-Torres, 30 And all those who have had their lives torn apart by detention and deportation. Signed, the Prime Day Coalition: MPowerChange United for Respect DailyKos ALIGN NY Communities for Change Make the Road NY https://youtu.be/DCOOj5BfnpQ
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  • Stop ICE in Their Tracks! NO Vans for ICE!
    For the past few weeks, immigrant communities across the country have been living in fear, while thousands languish in atrocious conditions in detention facilities and camps. ICE has been given a blank check by the current administration to perpetrate human rights abuses and feed the detention and deportation machinery. Companies like Enterprise have a choice to make. You can either align yourself with an administration that is openly anti-immigrant and an immigration system that is cruel and unjust, or you can get on the right side of history and choose dignity for all.
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  • Tell Mayor Lightfoot To Sign Executive Order to Protect Chicagoans Before Trump's Raids Start
    Two top officials in DHS confirmed the agency will carry out raids targeting over 2,000 families in 10 major cities including Chicago. Community groups believe the Mayor can do more to protect those under attack by the Trump administration's aggressive immigration enforcement policies. On June 29, 2019, the Lightfoot administration received a copy of an Executive Order (EO) drafted by community groups responding to raids and deportations across the city on a daily basis. With the threat of massive enforcement operations targeting families due on Sunday, the Immigration Working group asked the administration to sign the EO as soon as possible and asked for an answer from the Mayor's office by July 11. ANY Executive Order or action by the Mayor that does not include the key points of the community's Executive Order will not be enough to protect our families from this threat. While the Mayor has stated publicly that she ended ICE's access to the city's databases, the Executive Order addresses other loopholes ICE and DHS agents can use to carry out raids in Chicago. Call the Mayor's office, leave a message asking her to sign the Executive Order to end Police-ICE collaboration in Chicago now. Script: Hi, my name is ___ and I am calling to demand that Mayor Lightfoot honors her commitment to protect Chicagoans from ICE raids by implementing the Immigration Working Group’s draft Executive Order sent to her office June 28, 2019. With the threat of raids starting this Sunday, we ask the Mayor to sign the order that would ensure the Chicago Police Department is not assisting ICE in any way to carry out these raids. The Executive Order would also ensure that DHS agents and ICE agents do not have access to the city’s databases. Mayor’s Office, City of Chicago: (312) 744-3300
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  • Demand ICE to Release DACA Recipient and OCAD's Family Member, Beto, from Immigration Detention
    On May 21, 2019, beloved OCAD staff Miguel Lopez received a call alerting him that his youngest brother, Jesus Alberto Lopez Gutierrez (A-204588492), a long time resident of Chicago, was turned into Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody after a traffic stop by a local Iowa police officer on his way home from a camping trip. Jesus Alberto, or Beto, came to the United States when he was nine years old and has lived in Chicago since 2005. He graduated from Solorio Academy High School in June 2014 and began working to support his family that same year. Jesus Alberto applied for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and, in February 2013, his application was approved by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). As the youngest member of his nuclear family, Jesus contributes the majority of his wages to ensure his family’s financial stability. He is in charge of providing care and physical support for his aging parents, both diagnosed with diabetes, and his elderly grandmother who requires constant care and assistance. Jesus would spend most of his days working but, in his free time, he likes to go running in the neighborhood park and enjoys camping trips with his friends. Since his detention in May, Beto's family and community launched a campaign to stop his deportation but by September, the immigration judge overseeing his case ordered his removal. But Beto is not giving up, with the support of his legal team he decided to sue the agencies that are keeping him locked up and away from his family. Morever, ICE’s top officials in Minnesota have the authority to release Jesus from detention so that he has the opportunity to apply for DACA. Sign the petition to demand Minnesota ICE Field Director Peter Berg to release Jesus Lopez immediately from Freeborn County Jail in Minnesota on his own recognizance and allow him to proceed with his DACA renewal process. ******** Español ********** El 21 de mayo de 2019, el querido miembro de OCAD, Miguel López, recibió una llamada para alertarlo de que su hermano menor, Jesús Alberto López Gutiérrez (A-204588492), residente de Chicago desde hace mucho tiempo, se encontraba en custodia de Inmigración y Aduanas (ICE) después ser detenido por un oficial de policía local de Iowa en camino a casa después de un viaje de campamento. Jesús Alberto vino a los Estados Unidos cuando tenía nueve años y ha vivido en Chicago desde 2005. Se graduó de Solorio Academy High School en junio de 2014 y comenzó a trabajar para mantener a su familia ese mismo año. En Febrero del 2013 Jesús Alberto solicitó el programa de Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia (DACA) y su solicitud fue aprobada por los Servicios de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de los Estados Unidos (USCIS). Como el miembro más joven de su familia nuclear, Jesús contribuye con la mayoría de sus salarios para garantizar la estabilidad financiera de su familia. Está a cargo de brindar atención y apoyo físico a sus padres, ambos diagnosticados con diabetes, y a su abuela que requiere atención y asistencia constantes. Jesús pasaba la mayor parte de sus días trabajando pero, en su tiempo libre, le gusta correr en el parque del vecindario y disfruta de los viajes de campamento con sus amigos. Desde su detención en Mayo, su familia y la comunidad de Beto lanzaron una campaña para detener su deportación, pero para Septiembre, el juez de inmigración que supervisaba su caso ordenó su expulsión del pais. Pero Beto no se rinde, con el apoyo de su equipo legal, decidió demandar a las agencias que lo mantienen encerrado y alejado de su familia. Los principales funcionarios de ICE en Minnesota tienen la autoridad de liberar a Jesús de la detención para que él tenga la oportunidad de luchar contra sus casos y continuar con sus responsabilidades familiares y laborales sin la injusta intervención de ICE que intencionalmente lo descarrila sin opción. Firme la petición para exigir que el Director de Campo de ICE Peter Berg libere a Jesús López inmediatamente de la cárcel del condado de Freeborn en su propio reconocimiento y le permita continuar con su proceso de renovación de DACA.
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  • Help Stop Cristian's Deportation!
    We need support each other and work to end all deportations!
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