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To: Tacoma City Council

Shut down the NWDC! ¡Cierren el NWDC!

Shut down the NWDC! ¡Cierren el NWDC!

We call on Tacoma City Council to declare NWDC a chronic public nuisance and shut down the detention center.
Exigimos al Concilio de la Ciudad de Tacoma que declare el NWDC una alteración crónica al orden público y cierre la instalación.

Why is this important?

The City of Tacoma has the power and responsibility to declare the Northwest Detention Center a chronic public nuisance and close the facility down. Since Tacoma’s immigration cage opened in 2004, GEO Group has repeatedly called the police on peaceful protestors, wasting taxpayer money. More importantly, GEO employees have repeatedly had to call on Tacoma emergency medical services to save the lives of detained immigrants after the lack of medical care has led to preventable emergencies, of both mental and physical health. The center has also seen multiple outbreaks of varicella and the mumps. Tacoma has shut down other businesses in recent history as public nuisances. It is time to shut down the detention center.

La Ciudad de Tacoma tiene el poder y la responsabilidad de declarar el Centro de Detención del Noroeste una alteración crónica al orden público y cerrar la instalación. Desde que esta jaula de Tacoma abrió en el 2004, el Grupo GEO ha repetidamente llamado a la policía cuando gente pacifica se demuestra en contra de la detención, gastando así dinero de lxs contribuyentes. Aún más, empleados de GEO han repetidamente llamado a los servicios de emergencia medica para salvar las vidas de las personas inmigrantes ahí detenidas, después de que la falta de cuidado médico ha llevado a emergencias que podían haber sido prevenidas, tanto de salud física como mental. El centro ha visto también múltiples brotes de paperas y varicela. Tacoma ha cerrado otros negocios recientemente por ser una alteración al orden público. Es hora de cerrar el centro de detención

Tacoma City Hall, Market Street, Tacoma, WA, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • Migrants and immigrants alike deserve to await citizenship/asylum cases in the comfort of community with family and loved ones, not in detention.
  • Returning back to normalcy life and reopening montgomery county, Bring jobs back and recreation & senior centers, Sports activities, large family gatherings, personal services, Malls & Stores, Religious Facilities, Live Entertainment. Returning back to all cities, countries and all states around the world. Preventing & Stopping & slowing the spread of coronavirus and wear a mask to stop the spread of COVID-19. reopening your small businesses and economy recovery.
  • People do not deserve to be locked up like criminals for getting caught up in the US's inability to come up with something other than a shitty, xenophobic, hypocritical immigration policy. Stop this absurdity now.


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