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To: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Stop ICE in Their Tracks! NO Vans for ICE!

Enterprise is a car rental company that is providing vans to ICE for the anticipated raids against immigrants and anyone they find in their path. We’re demanding that Enterprise drop their contract with ICE and stop them in their tracks.

Why is this important?

For the past few weeks, immigrant communities across the country have been living in fear, while thousands languish in atrocious conditions in detention facilities and camps. ICE has been given a blank check by the current administration to perpetrate human rights abuses and feed the detention and deportation machinery.

Companies like Enterprise have a choice to make. You can either align yourself with an administration that is openly anti-immigrant and an immigration system that is cruel and unjust, or you can get on the right side of history and choose dignity for all.


Reasons for signing

  • Enterprise facilitates racism at its worst.
  • I’m going to write enterprise a letter I haven’t used another rental company. I liked that they’re a ST Louis co. And all the employees told me how they promote people to leadership and how they looked forward to that. That was enough for my loyalty, but unfortunately I will not give my money to a co. profiting off of inhumane practice off human rights violations and putting kids in cages. So long enterprise! Hope you come to your senses on to the next
  • I do not support ICE raids in my community, in my country, and want Enterprise to stop facilitating these Gestapo tactics.


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