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Free William

William, aged 32, A U.S. Legal Permanent Resident, was raised in California. Since his detainment in solitary confinement at the Northwest ICE Detention Center began in September 2023, he has read over 100 books.

William radiates a charming and easygoing nature. He dreams of reuniting with his family, completing his degree, and starting a family with his wife.

Deportation to El Salvador is a death sentence for William, given the government’s “State of Exception.”

 William was transferred to NWDC after serving a 13-year prison sentence, but even law enforcement officials have attested that he is rehabilitated, not a threat to society, and would make valuable contributions if allowed to stay. He has a post-release plan that effectively eliminates any risk of recidivism. William does not deserve the double punishment of continued detention.

Supported by over 120 letters from family, friends, community leaders, elected officials, clergy, U.S. military personnel, and organizations advocating for William’s release, William remains hopeful in his pursuit of freedom. It’s time to end his suffering and help him gain his freedom.

Why is this important?

1. Free William
2. Shut Down the NWDC 
3. Demand for Better Conditions at the NWDC




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