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To: Senator Schumer

Tell Sen Schumer to Back a Clean Dream Act Now!

DACA recipients face an uncertain future so long as Congress fails to pass the DREAM Act. We cannot let Congress use us as bargaining chips while negotiating. We need a straightforward bill that protects DREAMers and keeps us here.

Tell Chuck Schumer to pass a clean DREAM Act. We will not rest until a bill guaranteeing our protection has been signed into law. We will not compromise by allowing our families to be targeted and deported.

Bipartisan support exists to keep undocumented young people here in the United States. There is a solution that protects DACA recipients without sacrificing the 11 million undocumented immigrants to detention and deportation.

Bottom line: Congress must pass a clean DREAM Act now with no funding for more deportations, detention or border militarization! Undocumented youth are not a bargaining chip. Chuck Schumer as one of the top Democrat in the Senate needs to lead the charge and hold the line for clean DREAM.

This means:
- Democratic members of Congress should withhold their votes for government funding in December unless Congress first passes a "clean" version of the Dream Act, either as a standalone bill or part of a government funding package.
- There should be no additional enforcement, of any type, attached to or exchanged for passage of the Dream Act.
- Government funding will continue to fund Trump's deportation apparatus, including providing more funding to immigration enforcement than all other forms of federal law enforcement combined.
- Thus, asking for a no additional enforcement in exchange for the Dream Act is the reasonable, middle of the road position, as Congress will be funding Trump's deportation machine either way.

Why is this important?

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have opportunities to move the Dream Act quickly and cleanly. But after a meeting with President Trump, they announced they had reached a bargain with Donald Trump tying the fate of immigrant youth to militarization of the border. The announcement included no details about legislative language and conflicting reports have already emerged. After Sen Pelosi was interrupted in CA by a group of undocumented youth, she came out the next day and publicly declared that she would work to pass a clean DREAM bill. The undoucmented youth took a stand because our voice voices have excluded from the discussion even though their decision will affect us and our families.

Chuck Schumer has yet to make a public statement in support of clean DREAM. If New York claims to lead the "resistance" than we need actions to back up that claim not silence when we need him and others to lead.
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