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To: UBER CEO Travis Kalanick

#DeleteUber: Boycott the Company Because the CEO is Collaborating with Trump

After more than 200,000 people deleted their apps, UBER's CEO left the Trump advisory council.

#DeleteUber: Boycott the Company Because the CEO is Collaborating with Trump

Uber, You don't have to do anything, we're switching to a different service. Bye.

Why is this important?

On Inauguration Day, protesters stood in front of Uber's San Francisco office holding a sign that read: "Uber collaborates with Trump."

Now news is breaking of internal memos from the CEO saying he'll "partner with anyone..." He explains, "Just as we worked with the Obama administration, we'll work with the Trump administration, too."

But the Trump regime has spent its first days in an all-out attack on the environment, on migrant rights, women's bodies, Muslims, and more.

While the majority of the country is reeling from the illegitimate President's actions, UBER's CEO looks like he's ready to strike a deal with him and that's enough for riders to sign off of Uber and sign on somewhere else.

Reasons for signing

  • War isn't the answer, it's only the ever asked and never answered adequately question, why? And, when bees are extinct, humanity will not be eating and soon after will follow them. As well, without freedom of the press no other freedoms would exist. The 'Big Fix' is in again, remember, if it ain't fixed don't break it; time's short, hour's late. Sources for evolutionary growth :) reality
  • Un installed the Uber app switching to lyft
  • I loved Uber. Too bad. I use it all the time. It's really sad because I can not support a man like Trump who does terrible things to people in my community, including my own family.


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Read more about the CEO's ties with Trump here: