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To: Faisal Poonja, Owner of Burger King at Millennium Station

Burger King at Millennium Station: You Can’t Always Have it Your Way!

Burger King at Millennium Station: You Can’t Always Have it Your Way!

Pay workers what they’re owed after working for the Burger King at Millennium Station in downtown Chicago!

Join us in telling Mr. Poonja that, you can’t always “have it your way!” Pay workers what they’re owed and stop stealing wages!


Para: Faisal Poonja, propietario de Burger King en la estación de tren Millennium

¡Pague a los trabajadores lo que se les debe después de trabajar para Burger King en Millennium Station en el centro de Chicago!

Únase a nosotros para decirle al Sr. Poonja que, no siempre puede hacer las cosas “a su manera"! ¡Paguele a los trabajadores lo que se les debe y alto al robo de salario!

Why is this important?

Workers from the southeast side of Chicago have taken a big step in demanding justice against wage theft and building towards a low-wage worker movement. They have filed a class action lawsuit for stolen wages at this Burger King location in downtown Chicago.

So many people pass through Millenium Station every single day. We refuse to allow wage theft to pass us by without a fight.

Acts of wage theft at this Burger King location include regularly erasing 1 to 3 hours from workers’ paychecks and bluntly refusing to give workers their final paychecks. All workers have rights, and we urge you to join us in defending workers’ right to dignity, respect, and the full pay they’re entitled to receive.

In the struggle for justice!


¿Porque es esto importante?

Trabajadoras del lado sureste de Chicago han dado un gran paso al exigir justicia contra el robo de salarios y hacía un movimiento de trabajadores de bajos salarios. Han presentado una demanda colectiva por los salarios robados en esta ubicación de Burger King en el centro de Chicago.

Muchas personas pasan por la estación de tren Millennium todos los días. Nos negamos a permitir que el robo de salarios nos pase sin luchar.

Los actos de robo de salarios en este sitio de Burger King incluyen la eliminación regular de 1 a 3 horas de los cheques de pago y negando cheques de pago finales. Todos los trabajadores tienen derechos, y lo invitamos a unirse a nosotros para defender el derecho de los trabajadores a la dignidad, el respeto y el salario completo que tienen derecho a recibir.

En la lucha por la justicia!

Millennium Station, N Michigan, Chicago, IL, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • Fighting for Fair worker rights
  • I stop at this BK often. The workers are so kind and friendly. I always enjoy speaking with them. I'm disappointed that I give my money to someone who would hurt the people who make sure customers return.
  • I signed because these wealthy corporate profit-mongers just got over on all of us again with Congress burdening our whole nation with blanket anti-union policies today! The workers united will not silently submit to these abuses!


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We're at 500+ signatures in-person now! Can you help us spread the word after signing?

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We've collected over 200 petition signatures in person over the weekend! Join us in reminding BK at the Millennium train station that they can't always have it their way! #EndWageTheft

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Check us out! Echen un vistazo a este video! Ayer, trabajadores presentaron una demanda colectiva junto con el Community Activism Law Alliance - CALA contra su ex empleador, Burger King en Millenium Station, por robar miles de dólares en salarios de sus empleados.