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To: Mayor Emanuel, States attorney , Attorney general of Chicago

Chicago police racist terrorism

They need to arrest these very corrupt, racist Chicago police investigators and 8th district cops and pay for over 7 years of misconduct and damages. Mayor Emanuel, IPRA, COPA and all the rest in the city have done nothing in over 5 years complaints

Why is this important?

Chicago police violated our families civil rights and human rights for over 7 years and counting. This is one of the worst discrimination, police misconduct cases you will ever see. We dont have a criminal record. They did this because were Mexican ( I was born in chicago)

LOOK WHAT THEY DID FOR OVER 7 YEARS. This is the worst discrimination case you will ever see its over 7 years of abuse of power, slander(4 counts) , hate crimes, harassment, discrimination, false arrest DUI, destroyed job and career, (stole over 250K) and lots more misconduct by CHICAGO POLICE and POLICE INVESTIGATORS. They caused trouble for the whole family for years



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