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To: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago City Council

Chicago Should Protect ALL Immigrants from Deportation

Pass the amendments proposed by community groups that expand protections and increase the number of people covered under Chicago's Welcoming City Ordinance so that it protects all immigrants targeted for deportation.

Why is this important?

Chicago's Welcoming City Ordinance, which limits collaboration between the Chicago Police Department and ICE, does not protect all immigrants.

Specifically, the ordinance leaves without protection many immigrants who have been criminalized or targeted by the Chicago Police Department, a department whose use of "deadly force" was described as "unreasonable" by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The "carve-outs" mean that the Chicago Police Department is directed to work with immigration enforcement to deport anyone who has an open warrant, anyone who has been charged with a felony - even if they have not been convicted, anyone who has been convicted of a felony -- regardless of how long ago it was, and anyone who Chicago police department officers placed in the gang database -- which is completely up to each individual officer's criteria and without any checks and balances, or anyone who has an open warrant.

Trump's policies of making all immigrants priorities, starting with people whose names he can find in lists like the gang database, make the expansion of these protections that much more urgent.

A real Sanctuary city for immigrants would not leave those most targeted and vulnerable without protection from the Trump administration. The carve outs are arbitrary, do not increase public safety, disrespect due process and are extremely harmful to our community.


The expansion of the Welcoming City Ordinance is part the campaign to Expand Sanctuary, and is one of several pieces of policy that local organizations are advocating for at the City, including the elimination of the gang database, decriminalization policies, and measures to increase police accountability. Find out more about the campaign here: #ExpandSanctuary

Chicago, IL, United States

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