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To: Chicago ICE Field Director Ricardo Wong

Chicago suburb turned father over to ICE, help stop his deportation!

Keep Luis with his family!

Why is this important?

On May 7, 2018, Luis was arrested by the Town of Cicero police after an altercation with his friend. Now he is at risk of deportation.

A few hours after the police arrested Luis, they turned him over to ICE who took him to a detention center a few hours from Chicago. Luis is currently detained and is now in removal proceedings. He is the primary caretaker of his three children and has lived in the U.S. for more than 14 years. The details of his arrest do not negate the fact that Luis has established a life here and deserves to remain here with his family!

Officials at the Town of Cicero have publicly claimed that the suburb, located to the west of Chicago, does not turn people over to ICE and have cited a 2008 resolution as proof that the Town is a “sanctuary” suburb. Yet Town officials turned Luis over to ICE even after Luis was given a $150 bond to walk free. Luis is now in deportation proceedings and at risk of being separated from his children, his family, and his community.

Luis is a fun and caring father who loves taking his daughters to the park. He works selling carpets to financially support his three daughters and to send money on a weekly basis to his family. He loves sports especially baseball and has even coached adult soccer teams for fun.

The Town of Cicero, IL should not have turned Luis over to ICE, help us stop his deportation by signing this petition!

Cicero, IL, USA

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