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To: League of United Latin American Citizens

Demand LULAC stop speaking for our people and GO AWAY!

Sometimes the most helpful thing an organization can do is cease to exist. In this case, LULAC should just go away.

Why is this important?

Roger C Rocha Jr., the President of LULAC just wrote a letter congratulating white supremacist Trump for “setting out a reasonable framework on immigration reform and border security.”

LULAC has proven their time is up and it’s time to go.

Sign this petition and demand that LULAC stop aligning with white supremacy, attempting to speak for our people, and keep their respectability-vendido-outdated selves out of issues and those of the people they have never represented.


Reasons for signing

  • Trump is the most unhonorable man on the face of the planet. This organization does not represent la raza or our gente.
  • It's a disgrace that you are going against the mission of this organization. Good to know, so we can divert our donations somewhere else.
  • You're exclusionary respectability politics do not speak for me.


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