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To: Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary. U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Demand the Release of U.S. Citizen Detained at Stewart Detention Center. SIGN THE PETITION.

Alejandro Mayorkas
Secretary. U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Francisco Madrigal
Field Office Director - Atlanta Field Office,
Patrick Musante
Assistant Field Office Director - Atlanta Field Office

It has come to our attention that Jose Abazan Sosa (AKA Juan Sosa Abazan), A078-380-444, a U.S. citizen currently detained at Stewart Detention Center, is at imminent risk of deportation from the U.S. Despite Jose’s repeated claims of U.S. citizenship and provision of documentation his U.S. birth certificate, Jose informed his family that early this morning that ICE attempted to remove him from the U.S.

This attempted removal is in direct violation of ICE Memorandum 16001.2, which clearly indicates that “ICE personal must assess the potential of U.S. citizenship of an individual encountered by ICE if the individual makes or has made a claim to U.S. citizenship, as well as when certain indicia of potential U.S. citizenship…are present in a case.”

In Jose’s case, he has repeatedly asserted his claim to U.S. citizenship and provided ICE with copies of his U.S. birth certificate showing his birth in Fresno, California and his social security card, which demonstrates indicia of potential U.S. citizenship as outlined by the ICE Memorandum. Additionally, his family, including his birth mother, have indicated a willingness to be interviewed by ICE and otherwise assist in any investigation of his citizenship.

Why is this important?

We demand that ICE follow its own procedures for investigating and release Jose.
Jose’s family and community will be closely monitoring Jose’s case to ensure that ICE follows its own procedures.



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