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To: West TN U.S. Attorney D. Michael Dunavant

Drop all criminal charges against workers in Tennessee

District Attorney Dunavant should drop all criminal charges against the 20 people that were detained in a workplace raid on November 28th. He should not participate in President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ expansion of incarceration and criminalization of immigrants.

Why is this important?

This past November, 20 people were arrested by ICE and the Tennessee Highway Patrol while working at a warehouse in Memphis, TN. Under the Trump administration these workers are now facing federal charges for working without papers and could face up to 5 years in prison before being deported.

Trump, US Attorney Jeff Sessions and ICE director Homan want to increase workplace raids, and increase criminalization of immigrants by prosecuting more cases and asking for long prison sentences before deportation. If this Tennessee raid is a sign of what’s to come, taking action is crucial. The decision to pursue or drop all charges is in the hands of US Attorney Michael Dunavant.

Memphis, TN, United States

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