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To: Los Angeles Police Chief Beck

Fire the Officer Who Shot at Anaheim Students

Terminate the employment of the officer who assaulted and shot at Anaheim students.

Why is this important?

On February 22, 2017 an off duty LAPD officer was caught on video grabbing and assaulting a 13 year old - even firing his gun at students. The teen the man held against his will responded to him insulting a woman in the group of students walking after school.

The attack captured on video has spread nationwide, prompting protests by Anaheim residents after Anaheim arrested the students, while the officer faced no consequences for his actions.

After a police officer fires a weapon, they are placed on 72 hour leave as an investigation occurs. We demand that the officer not be given his badge and paycheck back. He should be terminated.

For More Details See OC Weekly:

Off Duty LAPD Cop Fires Gund During After School Melee with Anaheim Teens

Anaheim Teen Involved in Fracas with Gun-Firing LAPD Cop Released; Father Speaks Out
Anaheim, CA, United States

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