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Free Jaime Martinez

This campaign has ended.

Free Jaime Martinez

Please sign this petition to ask Secretary Kelly to stop their deportation, helping them to stay in the USA where they can continue their mission as faith leaders in their community.

Why is this important?

We want to thank everyone who has signed this petition. We are not currently working on Yovani's and Santiago's cases, and we will update you as soon as possible to explain why.

However, we still need your support for Jaime Martinez. Jaime is still fighting his deportation, afraid to return his home country where he could face the worst -- death. Jaime was driving to work when he was stopped by ICE agents who were looking for someone else. Even though he was not the person they were looking for, the ICE agents detained him anyway. Jaime is an active member in his community and a valued member of a Catholic congregation here in Athens.

Please sign the petition and call the Atlanta ICE field office asking for Jaime's release: (404) 893-1210. His ID number in detention is A#216302323.

Yovani Mondragon, Jaime Martinez, and Santiago Aguilar were driving to work early in the morning of Wednesday April 27th, when they where stopped by ICE agents who were looking for someone else. However, the agents detained them and took them to Irwin Detention center in Ocilla GA.

Jaime, Jovani, and Gonzalo are an asset to their community. They have improved the lives of many people in Athens. From the spirituality perspective, they have created and participated in different prayer groups and events to respond to the gospel. They have served the most vulnerable of their fellow human beings, visiting hospices and hospitals to bring hope and happiness to those who most need it.

Jovani Mondragon A#216302321 is an18 years old who came to the USA when he was 4. Unfortunately he is not eligible for DACA, a program that would have protected him from deportation and allowed him to get a work permit and a Driver License Jovani is in deportation proceedings, leaving behind a mother and 2 young bothers 8 and 13 years old.

Santiago Aguilar A#2163023222 came to USA to help his 10 siblings who all depend of him, because of their extreme poverty in El Salvador. Santiago or Chago as friends know him has been living in in USA for more that 9 years, working hard and being involved in his faith community. He volunteers as a missionary visiting elders in hospices in Athens, bringing the Eucharist to the people who can’t come to church because of physical impediments, leading the church’s youth group, and linking to other groups in GA. Santiago is well known, respected, and loved by many youth in the community not just in Athens but across GA’s diocese.

Jaime Martinez A#216302323 is also a long time member in his Athens community. He came to the USA to support his family back in Mexico; he is their only support. For many years he has organized educational events in his church, plus he visits hospices and brings the Eucharist to people with physical impediments.

Jovani, Santiago, and Jaime will face great danger if they return to their country. The conditions in Mexico and Central America are dangerous. When people return from the USA they become targets for kidnapping or assault. Please sign this petition to ask Secretary Kelly to stop their deportation, helping them to stay in the USA where they can continue their mission as faith leaders in their community.

Georgia, United States


Reasons for signing

  • I am signing because I am glad the three illegals were sent back to their home countries. Now they can make their country a better place. Good riddance!
  • I'm extremely heart broken to know they are in deportation progress, I've known them from many years they are good people of Faith who have always done good things to the people who need God. Please give them the opportunity to be here to keep working hard to support their families. They don't deserve to be deported out countries are very dangerous right now.
  • These young men are good people - people of faith, people who are trying to support their families, why are we trying to deport people with good hearts like them? They should be held up as examples of how young men should conduct themselves and contribute to the community, not arrested, detained and treated like criminals. That is a travesty and shameful.


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Unfortuantely Yovani was deportedm and Jaime and Santiago, sign their volunteer departure, we like to thank you avery one who sig this petition and make the call. Athens Immigrants Rigths Coalition and Dignidad Inmigrante will continous working to achive Immigrant Rights in GA.

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