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To: District Attorney Nancy O'Malley

Freedom4Dajon - Youth Charged as Adult - Awaiting Trial 4 Years

District Attorney Nancy O'Malley,

Dajon Ford should be released. At the very least the DA's office should recommend that he be transferred to juvenile court. No youth deserves to be tried as an adult. Dajon is not accused of the serious crimes you publicly stated for which you reserve charging children as adults.

Here are some points about Dajon and his case:

Dajon has a son who is turning 4 years old this year named Dajon Ford Jr. who he has not met and has only seen pictures of him.

Dajon was 17 the date this incident occurred and has been in custody every day for the almost four years since.

Dajon made the tough decision to leave a university in New Mexico where he was attending school on a football scholarship. He left to help take care of his pregnant girlfriend and prepare for fatherhood.

Dajon was never in trouble before this incident and has zero discipline issues the entire time he has been in Santa Rita Jail where he has accessed as much programing and classes as he can.

Dajon is accused of one incident of armed robbery that took place on one morning and no one was injured in any way.

The only offer Dajon has received from the DA is a 14 year sentence (this was offered to him almost 3 years ago).

Dajon has completely cooperated with law enforcement and investigators since the beginning of this incident.

Beyond being a talented athlete who graduate from McClymonds high school, Dajon is bright young man who looks forward to coming home, doing good work in the community, and returning school.

Why is this important?

Youth should not be charged as adults. Youth being charged as adults is one of the most important justice issues in California. The fate of the young people who have a shot at going back to juvenile court because of Prop 57 is of th utmost importance.
#DreamBeyondBars #Freedom4Dajon

Please sign this petition and show District Attorney Nancy O'Malley and the Judge that the community supports Dajon and does NOT want to see him treated as an adult.
Oakland, CA, United States

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After almost 4 years awaiting trial in Santa Rita Jail, Dajon Ford, a former McClymonds High School football star who was charged as an adult at the age of 17, will be released and the DAs office has agreed to give him a path to an eventual clean record!!

The last offer that Dajon was given almost 3 years ago was a 14 year prison sentence. Community pressure made all the difference in his case!! And now instead of spending 10 more years behind bars he will get to come home!!

Dajon is one of 18 youth that were filed into adult court before the passage of prop 57 last November. This is an unbelievable first victory but we have to keep the fight up to keep young people out of adult court and out of the system!!

#Victory #Freedom4Dajon #KeepYouthOutOfAdultCourt

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***Facebook event page for the August 17th Rally:

Come out and support DaJon Ford, who was arrested and charged as an adult back in 2013, when he was only 17 years old. He has been waiting almost 4 years for a trial in Santa Rita Jail. We made a lot of noise in support of Dajon at his court hearing last month, but we know we could get a lot more support for his next court hearing:

Thursday 8/17 at 8:30 AM at the Davidson Court House, 1225 Fallon Street near Lake Merritt BART in Oakland.

It is important for Dajon to receive the most support as possible from friends, family, and community members.

Please share the petition at:
#Freedom4Dajon #DreamBeyondBars #Prop57

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