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To: ICE San Diego Field Office, Department of Homeland Security

ICE Detained a Santa Ana Father As He Went to Work! Demand His Release!

This campaign has ended.

Release Israel Barrios Mendoza (A# 205 926 915)

Why is this important?

Israel Barrios Mendoza (A# 205 926 915), is a working father of 6 U.S Citizen Children. He lives to provide for his family and spends most of his time making sure his wife and children have everything they need.

Border Patrol detained Israel this morning on his driveway as he was getting ready to go to work! He is currently detained by ICE in the Otay Mesa Detention Center in San Diego.

Israel’s eldest son, is a 19-year old student who currently attends Santa Ana College and wants to become a writer one day. With his father in Border Patrol custody, his future and career plans are now in limbo since Israel is the main provider in the family and covers all costs his children need to fulfill their goals and dreams.

Israel and his family have credible reasons to believe that his life will be in danger should he be deported back to Mexico.

The government shouldn’t be in the business of separating families and needs to obey the due process and constitutional rights of every immigrant including Israel. They should release him immediately under an order of supervision so that he can obtain legal counsel to fight his case alongside his wife and children.


Please Take a Moment to make a call and Demand Israel's Release

San Diego Field Office: 619-436-0410
Otay Detention Center: 619-661-3823

Sample Script: "Hi, my name is __, and I am calling to demand that you release Israel Barrios Mendoza (A# 205 926 915). Israel is a father of 6 US Citizen Children, whom he works tirelessly to support. Israel has a credible reason to believe that his life will be in danger should he be deported back to Mexico. He should be released so he can be with his family today!"

Santa Ana, CA, United States

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2017-12-21 19:55:27 -0500

Israel has been released from detention!

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