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To: Congressman Scott Tipton, Senator Michael Bennet, and Senator Cory Gardner

Justice for Edin Mejia Ramos

Congressman Scott Tipton, Senator Michael Bennet and Senator Cory Gardner,

PLEASE Stop Edin Mejia Ramos (A# 087-587-787) from being ripped from his family and community. Stop his deportation and have him released from custody!

Edin has been held at the GEO Facility in Aurora, CO since February 5th, 2018. Edin and Thalia Ramos, his wife and citizen of the United States, run commercial cleaning and laundry businesses that employ 15 people in La Plata County, CO. The Ramos family have done everything possible to follow the guidelines for adjusting Edin’s status to become a permanent resident of the United States. However, Edin's petition to become a permanent resident was denied in 2007, leaving him stranded in Honduras. Edin made the critical decision to reunite with his family in the US after his life was threatened. For several years, he has been granted a stay of removal. However, on November 13th, 2017, despite no changes in his case, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) denied renewing Edin’s annual stay of removal under the argument that they are not obligated to renew anything; instead they said he would have to leave the country where he has built his life, and return to Honduras, a country where Edin’s life has previously been threatened. Edin now faces eminent deportation.

STOP Edin Mejia Ramos deportation and have him released from custody!

Why is this important?

If Edin gets deported, his life is in risk due to past victimization of extortion and gang violence in his native country.

“What is happening to my family is wrong,” says Thalia. “This was an arbitrary decision by ICE without just cause for denying his Stay. While Congress is debating trivial issues like members sleeping in their chambers on Capitol Hill, families like mine, who support our community and have strong ties to the US, are being ripped apart. We have been waiting for relief for a long time, but all I see is the cowardice of those in Washington, as they refuse to actually resolve this issue, and would rather use my family as their political football.”

This case once again demonstrates ICE’s cruel practice of apprehending individuals at scheduled check ins. Edin’s case highlights the plight of individuals who could potentially adjust status through a spouse, yet still facing the devastating possibility of being denied and then having no option for reuniting with their family in the U.S.

The Ramos family has been publicly supported by U.S. Congressman Jared Polis throughout this ordeal over the last few years. Congressman Polis has even spoken about the Ramos family on the House Floor:
Colorado, USA

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