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To: Field Office Director, Chris Cronen; Assistant Field Office Director, Todd Thurlow; Acting Assistant Field Office Director, Yolanda Marfissi

Keep Franklin and Gioconda Ramos Home!

Franklin and Gioconda Ramos are Meriden, CT homeowners and parents. They immigrated from Ecuador 24 years ago and have lived in Connecticut for the past 13. In 2012, Franklin was detained after a raid at his workplace in Middletown. As part of a deal to not detain Gioconda at her workplace, Franklin agreed to wear a GPS monitoring device that tracked his every movement. In August of 2012, both Franklin and Gioconda received a stay of removal from ICE and they were renewed every check in until this past June. During their most recent check-in, and their first in the Trump administration, they were given a deportation order and told to leave the country by September 29. They are required to wear GPS monitoring bracelets until an hour before their flight. Neither of them has any criminal record and their son, Jason, has an open application to sponsor their green cards.

We condemn a system that separates families without remorse. It is cruel and unusual punishment to tear this, or any, family apart.

We urge ICE to grant these parents a stay. We urge ICE to stand for what is morally right and help us keep Franklin and Gioconda home, where they belong.

Why is this important?

The Ramos' case represents the unhinged nature of ICE’s exploits, particularly under a racist and xenophobic president. Donald Trump drew on a false narrative of ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ immigrants to galvanize his base and garner greater public support. However, his expansion of the deportation dragnet demonstrates his intent to indiscriminately detain and deport immigrants. In response to this escalating injustice, we as a community must recognize and elevate the humanity and dignity of all people, regardless of any criminal history or aspect of identity. Without a holistic and inclusive movement, we will ultimately lose our struggle to cultivate peaceful communities.

Meriden, CT, United States

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