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To: Santa Ana City Council

Living is Not a Crime: Reject Santa Ana Anti-Homeless Ordinance!

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Reject the Anti-Homeless Ordinance

Why is this important?

In January of this year the Santa Ana City Council declared Santa Ana to be a Sanctuary City. Yet many of our most vulnerable neighbors continue to suffer under the City's agenda of criminalization.

People experiencing homelessness are consistently the target of compassionless efforts to outlaw their every behavior. Currently, the Santa Ana City Council is considering an ordinance that would ban items vital to people's survival, such as tents or any shelter from the coming winter, chairs, and recyclables. It would make it a misdemeanor for churches and community groups to provide food to those in need, which will lead to costly lawsuits the City is not likely to win.

While the City claims this is being done in the interest of public safety, this is nothing more than a transparent attempt to drive the people away from their offices, with no established shelter as viable alternative. Please add your voice to the concerned residents calling on the City to vote no on such a cruel and shortsighted ordinance.

*This campaign is a collaboration between:OC HoME, OCNEP, Catholic Worker, Chicanos Unidos, Chispa, Orange County Immigrant Youth United, Resilience Orange County, and Summer of the People.

Santa Ana, CA, United States

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