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To: Immigration Judge John P. Ellington of the York Immigration Court

Mental Health Needs Aren't Deportable: Free Jorge Herrera, DACA Eligible Youth, From Detention

We ask that Immigration Judge John P. Ellington allow Jorge Herrera to be released on bond from the York County Detention Center so that he may be reunited with his family and be able to seek the mental health support he needs.

Why is this important?

Jorge Herrera is 21 years old, DACA eligible, and has lived in the US for the past 18 years with his mother Elena.

On December 2016, Jorge was arrested by local police after his mother called 911 for help. Jorge suffers from mental health issues and on that day, he was having an episode. His mother believed the police would help her by de-escalating the situation and help her take Jorge to a hospital. Instead the police arrested him and the District Attorney's office threw the book at him.

During the trial, Jorge and his mother received no translation services through their ordeal. They were advised to have Jorge plead "guilty" in order to access mental health support services but to this day no services have been provided to the family. He is now detained without bond at the York County Detention Center in Pennsylvania.

Jorge has lived almost his entire life in the U.S. and is DACA eligible but ICE would much rather destroy another family than release him to the only place he calls home. Jorge needs mental health support services, not detention.

Please sign this petition to ask that Immigration Judge John P. Ellington allow Jorge to be released from the York County Detention Center on bond and that ICE remove him from deportation procedings so that he can be reunited with his mother and to be able to seek the help he needs.
Philadelphia, PA, United States

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